Sunday, November 3, 2013

One last photo this week!

Our Area in Manat.  Mostly water covered in Lillies.


Hello and Merry Christmas!!! Every day it gets more and more Christmasy over here...

This week has been another wonderful wonderful week.  We started the week with going to hundred island sisters to study with them. There are so many cute new sisters in our zones. Sister Lao from Utah. Ssiter Gustaphson from New Hampshire. And sister Fronk from Utah.....They are all so so great! Of course some have culture shock but they are excited and ready to work! We have been traveling almost everyday this week to meet them all and study with them. We wake up early almost everyday.  I dont know how we do it!

We studied in hundred islands just to check and see how they are. They are so far away sometimes we don't have much contact. but we try to make it out to see them at least twice a transfer. They are all doing great. Their area is so beautiful! When we travel there we get to see the beach and the waves crashing on the rocks....I want to come back and vacation here.

We also studied with another new sister, Sister Roberts from Idaho. She is so amazing! She is a convert and the only member in her family. She is having some struggle adjusting but she is relying on the Lord. Working with the new sisters has given me much time to ponder on my first days in the mission. I have thought about how I felt then and how I feel now. I realized how much of a miracle it is that I made it through those first few transfers!!! I thought I was dead! It is so hard. I am so grateful I was able to experience that. I just remember feeling so alone in my own little world. I didn't feel like myself. I was questioning why I chose to come here in the first place...but I remember I knew one thing was sure and that was My testimony of this church and of Jesus Christ. I really have learned to rely and trust in the Lord. This would never be possible without his help. He is the reason me and all the missionaries are still here. He is my strength. 

This week ended with the baptism of sweet sister Glyzel. She really is the sweetest little girl I have ever met. Her parents were less active then returned and now their daughter was baptized. She said she felt so happy afterward and she is so excited for her older brothers to be baptized next. Even though she is only 11 years old, she really gets emotional and feels the spirit so strongly when she talks about her family being eternal one day. I know this is the start of great things for the Carrera family, this is the start of their journey to salvation.
Glyzel and her Sister

Next week naman there is another baptism! This is the baptism of sister Ronna! She was interviewed yesterday and found worthy for baptism. She is 22 and looking forward now to a temple marriage in the near future ;)

We have a great new investigator named sister Jonna. She comes to church regularly and wants to be baptized! She sells meals and snacks to tricycle drivers. We went last night to teach her and ended up helping her for her next day of business. We wrapped grated Kamote in banana leaves to be boiled....not sure what kamote is in is a root crop. very yummy and healthy...I think! it is great to serve! Because of our service we were able to meet the husband of sister. Maybe next time we will be able to share with him! I love this work!!!

I have not gotten any letters from you yet mom. got one from rach. Can't wait to see the package! I usually just here from you and Rachel and grandma Stapp :) tell everyone that I love them!!! and I mean everyone....

thank you for taking care of Kara! I trust her in your care :) tell her I really love her and she is a strong woman! I think she should serve a mission...hmmmm :)))) I just think everyone should serve. We learn so so much while serving others and serving the Lord.

I am so happy to hear about your Halloween celebrations. For our Halloween which is nov 1 and 2 we had early curfew. We came home at 6 because the streets get pretty crazy! It is the Fiesta of the patay. or day of the dead. They party at the cemetery. we just partied at home....well we partied the way missionaries do and wrote in our journals!!! ha!!! I am really trying these last few months to be more diligent at my journal. 

I am so grateful to be here and to still have time to serve the Lord in his great and marvelous work. 

  I love you all!!!

Sister Stapp

Last Week!  Oct 28th.  Catching UP!!

Hello everyone another week went by!!! do we stop time. haha!

It is fast as lightning for real. Pero I am having such a great week. 

We had exchanges with some sisters in lingayen. It is awesome to be able to exchange so much and see new areas and learn new things. Recently me and sister velasco have just been learning about how to be a leader. We really are striving to be exactly obedient in all things and be an example to others. It is so important here to be obedient even in the little things like turning the lights off at 10:30 and waking up at 6:30. just the little things. if we are obedient I know miracles will happen. I have seen miracles happen!!!

This Nov.2 a miracle will happen. Little Glyzel (11) will be baptized. She is so so cute. She is the daughter of Bony and Gloria Carrera. They had been inactive for more then 17 years. Now they are so active!!! they are seeing the Blessings from church attendance and reading the scriptures. Sister Glyzel even though she is so young she gets teary eyed when she thinks of her family one day being eternal. She is so happy her parents have returned to church and that she can now be baptized. Sister Glyzel will be an example to her older Brothers who are not yet members. 

So if your wondering.......No I am not transferred!!! yess I am now starting 6th transfer in this area!! haha! it is a long time but I am so so so sooooooooo happy. I just love this area it is my home just like my first area was. I know I am supposed to be here still. Everyone was surprised. I gave a farewell talk in sacrament and everything. But the members are happy also that I stayed. They are all so sweet I wish you could meet them. speaking of speaking in church, to answer moms question. I have spoken so far three times since i have been in Manat Branch and not sang yet. I want to sing but I dont know how to bring it up. I feel boastful. haha! I cant really sing anyway I have had a cough for a while. it is going away not though so dont worry. I think me and sister adasme will sing at sister Glyzels baptism :) 

We have a new house mate! My dear sitster baluyot that has been my housemate for 7 months was transferred. Now we have sister Davidson! She is from Australia and so so cute. excited kami na get to know her better this transfer.  

Also to answer your questions again, sister velasco is younger than me in the mission. She goes home in April. Basically no one is older than me in the mission now and they all remind me everyday! I have a feeling me and sister Velasco might be together forever...I am OK with that! she is a blessing to me really. She is very organized and thinks of the details which I still struggle with. She helps me to improve each day and be more Christ like. 

Today I read in my personal study in Jacob 4:10 it says there "seek not to counsel the lord, but to take counsel from his hand." I thin this is something we can strive to better each day in our personal prayers day and night. Sometimes I find myself just asking and asking for things to go my way. we really need to pause and think and listen to what the Lord is saying to us through his holy spirit. I know he is just waiting to counsel us. he knows what is best, we don't always know what is best. If we show our humility and fill our prayers with thanksgiving we will be led by the spirit to know what to ask for. 

Well that is about it!!! Sorry my emails are short but I just love you all I love missionary work! I love the Phils!! I love Jesus Christ! I know he lives and I know he is our savior!

Mahal ko kayong lahat at pinagdadasal din ko kayo araw araw! 

Ingat kayo lagi!!!

Sister Stapp

From Oct. 21st!

Hello one and all! This p-day is the best!!! we had a zone activity where we made burgers! Well....elder hanneman did. His family owns a restaurant in Hawaii and he made the best biggest yummiest burgers! They kind of took a long time but is was soo so worth it. I am hoping to send you a pic but it might have to wait till next week :(

This week was so great! Best week ever!!! I got to see my anak sister stokes and sister palmer!!!! my mtc companion! it has been over a year since I have seen her!!! We foreigners all went to Urdaneta to get fingerprinted. me and sister palmer talked and talked and talked. We are excited to continue talking on the plane ride home.

We had the privilege of working with many members. The members in our branch are catching the wave one by one. Each week it seems that we have one more member that is ready and willing to work. This week we worked with members that introduced us to some of their closest friends. It was really amazing to see the difference between finding a new investigator from a street contact and finding one through a member. Members make all the difference! The people we met have really been prepared and feel the Love  they already have support from the members. We had 19 new investigators this week I wish I had time to tell you about every one! I will update you on those that progress. 

This week I hit my 15 month mark and i cannot believe it! But despite the time moving fast I am not getting trunky! I will work harder until the end! Sister Velasco and I are really stretching ourselves these past few weeks and we have been worn out!  We love it though. We find so much joy in this work. I know we are companions for a reason and I know I am here on a mission for a reason. Today we had a zone devotional and one elder spoke about what we can offer to the Lord. He talked about how we all need to offer our whole soul to the Lord and also we all have different talents and abilities to offer. Sometimes we might think we are inadequate or not qualified. sometimes we might compare ourselves to others and think they can do it better. But we really should not do that! It is impossible to compare ourselves to others because we are all individuals that are so different from each other! Our heavenly father loves us for who we are and for what we can offer. So let us offer him everything we have. Let us be humble and not selfish. Let us not hold back from the lord becuse we think we are unable or we think we are weak. We are all strong and powerful!
I love you all sorry this is short!!!
Sister Stapp

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello One and all and merry Christmas! everything is decked out now for Christmas! haha! how are you? well I hope you are great! I cannot wait to tell you about the best week ever!! Even though I have been sort of sick and fighting off a cold, we have just had such a blessed week.
So President Monahan has given us council that we need to have members present to more of our investigator lessons! And this week we had 16 lessons with a member present! The members have been so awesome this week. We have been also using less active members as fellowshippers. It is so great when they work because they are strengthened at the same time! It is amazing even though me and sister Velasco are running around like crazy people we are still able to maintain our area and help it progress. The Lord really does help us and give miracles when we are diligent!
We were so blessed this week to hear conference! I was so so so inspired this conference. I know everyone who spoke did so by the power of God. I love the messages about teaching and missionary work. I know this IS the time that the Lord has chosen to hasten his work! we are all in this together members missionaries. we are one!! We need to re-activate and Baptize these children who are waiting for us!
This week we had the wonderful Baptism of Brother Jeffrey and Brother Bong! They were also confirmed on the same day and were so so happy! They know this is the true church and that they have made the right decision. They know this will effect their eternal salvation! I know Heavenly Father is so so happy for them. 
Me and sister Velasco are doing great here we are just anxious to know what will happen this next transfer. Who knows if I will be transferred or not! haha!! we will see. 
sorry this is so short. I am so bad at thinking of details! Let me just tell you I am still working hard and people keep asking me what do I feel like now that I am almost going home! I don't feel like I am going home yet! maybe it will hit me when I have a few weeks left I will work hard to the end. I know this is His work. I know it needs to be done now. I am so grateful for the faith I have grown and the things I have learned here. I am looking foreword to learning more the next 2 transfers. 
Love you!
Sister Stapp

Exchanges and More...

Hello all you wonderful people!!!
I am happy for the opportunity to be able to communicate with you again. I am so grateful for people like you who love me. I love you!
This week we have been, of course, running everywhere at once! We went to Dagupan for exchanges and also had exchanges with our house mates. I love having exchanges and being able to meet new people and see new places. The only thing about traveling i don't like is having to eat fast food a lot. I ate McDonald's twice this week!!@!
Anyway me and sister Velasco are so happy because we have a new investigator that is super amazing!! maybe I told you about her...sister Ronna. She is a referral that lives in Papaguyen. that is like the furthest barangay in our area! Anyway her boyfriend who is a member referred her. Before we even started teaching her she had been to church like 5 times and watched like all the church movies! It is awesome we really are just instruments. The spirit is converting her. We are just trying to see if she really wants to be baptized for the right reasons and not just because she is in "love." we think they are pretty serious though and they will be married in the temple. haha! Anyway, we extended an ibd to her for Nov 9. she is so happy and excited. She is cute and stylish and has braces. and 24. 
Our Ibds brother Bong and Jeffery are still excited for their baptism. we sort of lost contact this week with bro Jefferey because he went out of town...but we are trusting in the Lord that everything will work out. It is funny when you have investigators or recent converts, they become like your babies. Remember Brother Joven who was baptized in June? yesterday he didn't come to church! so of course we visited him. We were ready to chastise him! haha! turns out he got two front teeth pulled and is in extreme pain! I felt so bad I wanna hug him and buy him ice cream! but I cant....well maybe I can get the ice cream :)
We are half way through the transfer now who knows what will happen after this! will I be transferred? will I stay here for the rest of my mission!? no one knows! Pres Monahan is really unpredictable when it comes to transfers. I know his transfers come from the Lord. 
Me and sister Velasco have only traveled to the usual places, alaminos, lingayen, dagupan...nothing new. We did go though a new city Bugalion (sp) it has really pretty pics because we were in a bus that was probably going 100 miles ab hour. sometimes I feel like I am on a roller coaster when I ride the buss. we eat mcNuggets when we are in the buss. 
The sisters in our zone are all so sweet and amazing....sometimes though....when we are on exchanges I really miss my companion! I love sis velasco so so much! we finish each other's sentences. She has been such a great example to me and I have learned so so much from her about how to be a preach my gospel missionary. I hope we never have to be transferred haha!

I have been reading this week in my personal study about the second coming! I am in the Isaiah chapters of 2 nephi. It is all so exciting! it is amazing how the prophets of old prophesied about our day and missionary work and Joseph smith and everything! the book of Mormon blows my mind everyday. I love the words in 2 nephi 9:40. It talks about the wicked and the righteous. The wicked hate the truth and take it to be hard. the righteouse Love the truth and are not shaken! Let us all stand firm so we will Not be shaken! let us choose eternal life! Let us be Christlike and kind to one another each day. I know I am trying each day to be more like my savior. I love him so so much.  If we are trying to be like Jesus and we love means we will not be selfish and keep the gospel to ourselves. we are to share! At the Relief broadcast I learned a lot about covenant keeping. If we are covenant keepers we will spread the gospel and not leave it only to the missionaries!!! Lets go! we can do it! The Lord loves us and we love him..
I love you all so so much! Thank you for everything!
Sister Stapp

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trunky Trunky


Dear family and people...I am NOT trunky! haha! you will know why this is the topic later on in the email.

I cannot believe it is going to be October tomorrow!!! The time is sos os os fast!! Sister Velasco and I are having a great busy week. The weeks seem so fast now that we travel so much! like last week feels like years ago but at the same time I feel like is just happened...time is just so weird on the mission. had lots of exchanges with sister this week and traveled to the far land of alaminos again. 

On Wednesday we went to Urdaneta for our monthly leadership meeting. it was so great. We learned more about how to do missionary work the Lords way by using the members as much as we can! Members really make all the difference! we cannot do this work without them. We are really taking time to teach the members to help them be strong and catch the wave of missionary work. They really are wonderful, the ward members. They are giving us referrals and also returning with us to their referrals! Give the missionaries lots of referrals family!!! They will love you!

After the MLC we went to the office of course to pick up supplies and mail......and there low and behold Trunky Letter!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!! the trunky letter is something we get when you have like 2 transfers left in the mission. It is just a paper that you have to fill our all your info and stuff about the airport in your hometown. I am dreading filling it out. I really thought I was extended till Feb but I am not after all. oh well!

So Sister Velasco and I have a baptism coming up on Oct. 11! We are so excited for brother Jeffrey and Brother Bong. They are so amazing! every time we finish a lesson with them, it's like we want to cry because they are so prepared by the Lord! Basically we can give them a pamphlet and the next time we come, they are the ones who teach us about the principle! They are really living it too! They know how to recognize the spirit and feel the difference from their previous life and their new life as a disciple of Christ. brother Jeffrey has twins and one of them is severely autistic. They are sooo cute names are Jethro and Jotham. They run around like crazy during the Lessons but brother Jeffery isn't even distracted. The spirit helps him concentrate even though his kids are wild. his wife is working abroad and will be coming home soon. he is excited to go to church with her.
Tell me more about your companion? she is so loving and reminds me of Rachel with how she looks and acts.
  How long has she been out? about a year now.
 What are her good qualities besides making you laugh? she is very smart and remembers things...unlike me. She is organized and clean....unlike me. haha!!! she has a lot of good qualities. 
 What will she do after the mission? she wants to get married and be a mom! or go back to nursing.
   Do any of the members try to go to BYU-Hawaii after their missions?  ya there are lots of missionaries here that studied there before their missions. 
anyway my time is running out ahhhh!
I love you and I love Jesus Christ!!
Sister Stapp

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sisterhood of the traveling sisters....

Hello one and all! You are all great and amazing and I love you.
This first week of the transfer has been the fastest week ever! Sister Velasco and I have been traveling to and fro and from sea to sea. on Tuesday we went to Dagupan to study with some sisters. then we went straight to Alaminos. It is about 2 hours away. We attended their district meeting there and also had exchanges with the sisters. So we slept there and from there went straight to Lingayen to have a meeting with the zone leaders there.  On Friday we had exchanges in Lingayen and on Thursday we had a stake activity. A crazy week! I think we had fast food like 4 times because of all the traveling! Everyday this week we have woken up before six so we can travel to a different meeting or exchange. I am feeling tired but because of the Lord's help I am surviving :)
 haha! in Alaminos we got to work in the Hundred Islands area. It is so so beautiful! it is so green and near the ocean. you can actually see some of the islands from the beach. We were there at night so we couldn't get any pics. But someday I will go back. The sisters in that area are opening the area. So they are really trying to get the area progressing. We helped them set a goal to find at least 7 new investigators a week. I love working with different sisters every week I learn so much!
On Saturday we had stake family day! it was so much fun and there was a great turn out! The first part was an open house from 1-4. We gave tours to members and investigators around the chapel where they learned about all the different things we do at church! The best thing was we were able to help a lot of recent converts and less actives get started on their family history work! they were all so so excited. One member Sister Dolores is so so cute. She is so eager to get started but I don't think she has ever touched a computer. We had to teach her how to move the mouse and click on things. She loved it and felt the spirit when she was entering her family names into the computer. In the evening time they had a cultural show where each ward presented a dance number. I wish we could have stayed we hear our recent convert bro Rodrigo was a riot! Oh well. 
So pretty much in our travels we ride buses and vans. They always play the music so loud and it is distracting! ah! That is my But I just try and think of other things. 
We had apartment checks this week so we cleaned like crazy people so the couples can check. Today we will shop. here in Dagupan we have a really nice mall. Not like my first area where it was just a Palengke (like a farmers market.) We have a supermarket. it pretty much is like a Walmart or something. It looks like the states here at the mall. around me right now I see McDonald's, Levi's store, Nike store, and a national book store which is like Borders. It is very nice here. I am blessed to be in Dagupan!
We have been getting a lot of rain and most everywhere is still flooded so we wear our boots a lot
As for investigators, Brother Bong and Jeffrey are so so so oooooo great! They will be baptized on Oct 12. We taught them yesterday and they said they want to be baptize so they can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and be clean from sin. We haven't even taught them about the Holy Ghost yet!!!! They are so so prepared by the Lord. I know they will be stron members of the church. 
I love sharing with them because the spirit is just there. They accept so easily because they feel it is true. They have both stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and feel the difference also! I will keep you updated on them.
We are looking foreword to conference and everything! 

Do they have oats there? yes lots of oats!!
  What about peanut butter? yes!
 Chocolate chips cookies? processed ones. but noone really makes them from scratch.
 How is your armpit?smelly....joke lang! it is doing fine now.
I love you all and keep you in my prayers I know this church is true!!!! I know Jesus Lives! I love sharing the Gospel!
sister Stapp

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello my dears!
How are all of you doing? I am doing great and I am not transferred! yay!!! I am still here in Manat B and in Dagupan Zone. I am still with Sister Velasco and we are so so happy :)
We are looking foreword to this upcoming transfer!!! It will be a busy one. Last transfer we were over the sisters in Calasiao and Dagupan Zone. Now we are over the sisters in Lingayen, Alaminos, and Dagupan Zone. These zones are really spread apart so we will be traveling a lot! We are going to the Hundred Islands soon. Hopefully I get to see the beach! ! We are so excited and just have been planning like crazy on how we can help lift, encourage, and inspire the sisters.  We are going to make sure to take our vitamins everyday so that we don't die!
Speaking of vitamins, I have been taking antibiotics for the thing in my armpit. It hasn't come back i think that is a good sign. With the antibiotics my face has cleared up too! What face stuff did you send by the way?

This week we have seen many miracles. Yesterday for instance, we decided to go to the chapel early. We did not know why. We were there over an hour early! the sacrament meeting of the ward before us wasn't finished yet. we were sitting and thinking of what to do with our time when their sacrament meeting finished. They were all exiting and a sister missionary came up to us. She said "Sisters this is sister Ronnalyn! You can teach her right now if you have time!" Sister Ronnalyn lives in our area. She is a referral that we had been trying to get a hold of her for a few weeks. we were so happy to finally meet her! She was excited to be taught right then and there. She says she really feels the difference between this church and other churches. She is excited to meet again on Saturday. We were so so happy the spirit led us to the chapel early that morning! if we hadn't gone there we would never had met Ronnalyn!
Also this week Sister Velasco and I were supposed to be speakers in Sacrament. Then one of the branch presidency came and asked if just one of us could speak. We did rock,  paper, scissors and I won so Sis Velasco spoke :) She gave a powerful talk on the sacrament.
It is still raining every day and flooded in some areas. sorry no pics I have a virus on my card :( I hope my pics are OK. If I lost them I will cry!!! oh well...
hmmmmm...... OK there is one pic. It is from sister velascos card. I will have someone scan my card soon.
This week I cleaned the bathroom I scrubbed it really hard.....that was just this morning actually. Wow!
The Carrera family came to church again this week if you are wondering. There are progressing so well! yes! We will extend baptismal dates to their kids this week. I will let you know how it goes.

Q and A:
Do you have an address, or how do people find your house? People don't really come to our house, but most people know where we live. Filipinos are like that, they know everyone and where everyone lives.
  Is there branch directory so you know who to visit, or do you just ask people on the street? We have a branch directory but there is rarely a house number and if there is one, it is usually wrong. so we ask and ask and ask. it is a good opportunity to preach by the way.
  Are there many temple recommend holders in the branch? Ya there are! They are planning a temple trip for Oct.
  Any news on transfers? yes we have a ton of new faces in Dagupan zone. and more than half is sisters.
 Has my package shown up lately? not yet :(
 Have you been doing any traveling? Like I said we will be! We will be taking the trip to Alaminos every week.
 How is the work moving along in the branch? So great! there was another baptism last Saturday, and there will be two possibly 3 more in October! ya! I will keep you updated.
  Are all the missionaries as awesome as your and your companion?Yes!!!
Do some missionaries find it hard to work when it is so hot? It is not that hot these days. But 
Do you use your umbrella a ton? Yes I don't want skin cancer! I use it for rain and shine.
  How are your clothes, suitcases, shoes, supplies holding up? they are OK. The cloths are running out but I think I can survive until Jan. haha!
Well I love you all so so much! I haven't gotten any letters this week that's OK! I am so happy to be here on my mission. I love the Lord and I love the scriptures and I love my family. I love feeling the spirit everyday. I love helping people recognize the spirit in their life. Keep up all your amazingness.
How are the boys??? Can you tel them to email me? Are they going to seminary and stuff? are they preparing for missions? anyway! Also tell Rach to email me! I love her!
See ya!
Sister Stapp


Monday, September 9, 2013

Best Two Years

  The Carrera Family and the Sisters

Heyo! how are you all lovely people this week! I cannot believe it
s Monday again! I think I say that every week. ha ha! the time goes so so fast!!! Anyways... today we had a zone activity and we got to watch "The Best two years"!!! it was so so great to see Kirby again...!! anyways this week has been so so great! we have seen many miracles...I think last week i told you about the carerra family. well they came to church again this week and this time two of their sons were with them! it was so happy!  I think The father is really seeing how going to church is blessing his family. He is realizing that he is helping his kids more by bringing them to church than hanging out with his drinking buddies.  Whenever something like that happens, like someone comes to church I just see the Lords hand in all things. He really is looking out for us and he blesses us when we really are obedient. I am happy for the Carerra family and I know their kids will be baptized soon. 

It is really great, in our branch we have like 6 young men that are preparing for missions. They have been working with us a lot this week and catching the wave of missionary work. Two of them Brother Francis and brother Louie worked with us on Saturday. Just about a month ago bro Louie was less active! he is now so so strong! he was amazed when he worked with us that all we do all day is talk about the gospel. He was really excited when we found new people to teach and when he was able to share his testimony. He and Francis want to work with us every Saturday now! we are so blessed to have so many effective branch missionaries. 

This week we also had a surprise guest! me and sister velasco were studying when suddenly we got a phone call! It was president monahan! he asked me what street we lived on and that he would be at our apt in 2 mins! haha! we were running around the house cleaning like crazy! lol. he came and studied with sister baluyot and sis adasme then he came up and had a little talk with me and sis V. He asked how the sisters in our zones were and also told us we might get another zone next transfer. He also told us very good news that he will keep us together next transfer! yayaya! we are so so happy because basically we love each other :)

So lets see I think I will add some details......This morning we cleaned the house. I swept the whole house! It gets so dirty so quick! sister baluyot cleaned the shower. There was a Butiki (gecko) in the shower and she is scared of them so I got it out for her because i think they are cute and not scary. Cockroaches are scary. The other day we were in our branch presidents car, he was giving us a ride home and suddenly I looked down and there was the biggest cockroach with wings on my skirt!!!! I screamed (of course) and pretty much turned into a  crazy person frantically trying to get it off. finally it scurried away. I couldn't sleep that night.   hmmm also this week it is still really rainy. it rains like everyday at 4pm.  When it rains in pours! it is so strong and has lightning and thunder ! 

Anyways if you wanna know more details just ask me specific questions. 
I am just loving it here so so much. I love this gospel and i love Jesus Christ. I know he is my savior. i know He lives. I am so happy to serve him and i will serve him my whole life. One thing that i am really looking foreword to when i get home ( i don't think of it often don't worry) is working more with them missionaries. I will be a good member missionary for sure! 
I want to hear about your missionary experiences! if you have them let me know. I know the church is true. 
I attached a pic of us and the carerra family! they are so happy and sweet. I just feel the spirit working in them and helping them to repent and come to church!
I love you all!
Sister Stapp
p.s. hope this was detailed enough! I love you!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Email From Aug 4th--A little LATE

Hello again family!
So I am not transferred if you were wondering. I am still here in Manat B area with my dear Sister Velasco. We are having a great week. We have a new missionary in our apartment! Sister Adasme. Fresh from the MTC and from Iowa. She is really great and great at the language. She will be a great addition to the zone and to the mission.
I am healthy and very very happy!!! I love the Lord and his work! I love the people so so much. and I love my companion. she makes me laugh every day!
Also this week Sister Velasco and I held a career workshop! Well we organized it and stuff. We had a member give a workshop to the youth in our area about resume building and job interviews. We handed out a ton of fliers last week but when it was the day of the workshop, no one showed up! haha! we did not know what to do! we were freaking our just a little bit. We went around to those who we visited las week and we rallied about 7 youth. it turned out really great :)They are all not members yet so potential investigators and they were really inspired by the workshop. We are excited to do more service projects in our area to help the people and also get more investigators!
One of our investigators Brother Ramil is soooo great! He is so excited and eager to read the book of Mormon. He came to church yesterday and he loved gospel priciples. he already knows who all the characters in the BOfM are and loves to tell us about them! haha! I love finding the elect. I know brother ramil really has been prepared by the Lord.
Speaking of Prepared! Brother Rodrigo will have his baptismal interview on sat! and be baptized on the 17th! we are so happy and excited!
The weather has been nice....well it is crazy. it is so so hot then it will rain and theh hot again! I like when it rains. Me and sister velasco have really been focusing on writing in our journals lately. I am sad to say I have been lazy at it for a while. but I am repenting now!!!
We had transfer awareness this week and found out that our dear District leader Elder Sta. Ana is transferred. we will miss him! he is always so enthusiastic and inspiring and brings treats, but he is moving on now! I have attached a pic of him with the sisters.
I love being here and I am amazed at the strength I receive each day to go on. Its hard work! I am tempted to be lazy sometimes. But I know laziness is not acceptable to the Lord. I need to work work work.!
I thank you for all your love and kindness!
Sister Stapp

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello All you Lovely People!!!!

How are y'all doing! I am so thankful for all of your emails! It is so exciting all the things that are happening and stuff. I love you all and I am doing so so great!! I cannot believe this transfer is almost over! I am pretty sure I will not transfer yet.But who knows.

So this week we are just doind what we do and working hard! We are getting excited because the baptism of Brother Rodrigo is so close! He is so so excited. He is fellow shipping our other investigators it's like he is a member already. haha! He loves his wife emelda so so much and knows that he wants to be with her forever. I am so so happy for them.

So today we had a zone activity! It was so so great. we have some great zone leaders! they made it fun. we cooked spicy food and ate and played hand ball and ninja. it was great! I am really close to this zone and it is sad because so many of them will be leaving this transfer! One is sister sandoy who is my house mate right now. she is done with her mission and is leaving for home tomorrow! I cannot imagine what she must be feeling. Crazy!

On Wednesday Sister Velasco and I went to Urdaneta to the MLC mission leadership councel. The Assistants gave a great message about sacrifice. When we ever feel like or wonder why missionary work is so hard. We just have to remember our savior Jesus Christ. He suffered everything! We cannot expect to not have hard ship and trials when it was NEVER easy for Him! He loves us so much and if we love him we will do the hard things. We will open our mouths and we will invite. We will be an example and live the commandments. It is hard but if the Lord Jesus Christ descended below all things and suffered for us, we can endure the trials that he blesses us with. I Love Him so so much and I am so grateful to be serving Him. I am happy to have all of you my family and friends to look up to for an example. I love you!

Sister Stapp

p.s. I ate the tongue of a water buffalo yesterday.....slimy yet satisfying:)


Sunday, July 21, 2013


All the kids followed Sister Stapp and Sister Valesco!


Greeting from Dagupan

Hello! I love you all and hope you are all doing great!
I am having a great week (of course) I am just so so happy to be here as usual :)
We are healthy and happy. I love my companion sister Velasco she is so wonderful and makes me laugh all the time! She just got a toothache today so we are hoping it is not her wisdom teeth. Yikes. Other than that it is great. We are here in Dagupan right now at the church employment resource center. It is nice in here because it is free to use the comp and it is air con! yay!
Anyway this morning we had zone studies and we had a scripture chase it was so fun!
Our zone here in Dagupan is really great :)
This week sister Velasco and I held a special study for the sisters. We talked about having short and powerful lessons. All the sisters in our zone are so great and talented. They are so in tune with the spirit! I love them. Working with the sisters is the best responsibility to have :)
Also this week we had a great lesson with our investigator brother Rodrigo. He has had a hard time praying and asking Heavenly Father if Joseph Smith was a true prophet so last night we decided to invite him to pray during the lesson. We all knelt down and he prayed and asked. We were all quiet afterward just feeling what the spirit was telling us. We were silent for about 10 minutes. We had 2 branch missionaries with us that are preparing to serve missions soon. After being silent I realized that one of the branch missionaries was crying. Afterward we all shared how we felt. The one that was crying said he finally received the answer he had been waiting for. He has been asking and asking since he became a member and he received a sure answer now from the spirit at that time. Bro Rodrigo also said he felt so so happy and that he knew that being baptized was the right thing to do.
I am so grateful for the spirit! We cannot do this work without the spirit!
Also this week me and Sister Velasco were walking trying to find investigators when a few children started to follow us. This is normal I just smile and talk with them . The few turned into ten which turned into over 20!! They formed a parade behind us and were chanting and clapping "Americana! Americana!" over and over! It was so so cute. They were so so cute and were so exited to take a pic with me. I love them so much and I want to hug every one of them!

I am sorry for the short email! I love you all!!!
Tell Lacy I love her! I also got a dearelder from Kelly a while a go. Tell her i love her and I am praying for the success of Iain!
I love you all so much. 1 year can you believe it??? I cannot!
Sister Stapp

Monday, July 15, 2013


Kumusta family and friends! I am happy to be able to email you again and share with you my week.
I love hearing from you and about all your trips and experiences. it is so great! This week.well this week started off great because we had zone interviews!! We were so privileged to see our Mission President and Sister Monahan and the Assistants. They all gave great workshops . We each had an interview with president which always is a good experience. president Monahan is so loving and kind and he always gives good tips on improvement. The way he helps us is by letting us think of solutions to problems ourselves. This interview I was expressing to him the hard time me and sis. Valesco are having in finding less actives. and he said, "so you are having trouble finding. Well lets read a scripture in Alma26:27" (you all should read it) we read the verse and that is all he said about it. I realized that no matter how hard the work is, we just have to keep going on and we will be successful . No Effort is wasted!! :)

Also at the interviews the assistants gave a great workshop where they had us each share our testimony and share why we came on a mission. It was so inspiring to hear everyone share and feel the spirit. I shared my testimony that i came on a mission because I know this is the true church of Christ and I know how lives are changed through the gospel. I am so happy to be here and serving the Lord at this time.

We are so happy this week because we have a new investigator named Brother Rudy. we went to his house looking for his less-active son. His son wasn't there so we shared a message with him. He was very receptive and quickly accepted the invitation to attend church. Then yesterday, he was at church!! He looked so happy there and welcomed. Turns out he knows many many members. They were all happy to see him and encouraged him to come back. He said he would come back :) it is so nice when the branch is so loving and welcoming!

Also this week we had a branch activity! We had a family movie night where we watched "The restoration" and "Together forever" We handed out invitations to all the members and out investigators. Out investigator Rodrigo was late he caught the end of "Together Forever" he was late because of work. But we were able to teach him after the movie night and he was happy about that. The members had a great time and ate popcorn and snacks. I am hoping the movie night will be a monthly thing now :)

Well I love you all and I am so happy i am here on my mission.
btw I received  your packages!
I love you grandma and grandpa! Your package was perfect. I love you so so much!

I also got a letter form Kate. Is she in London right now?

I got one from Kara! I love you!!

And from Stephen Griffin. Tell him thanks!

Sister Stapp

Monday, July 8, 2013



So the subject of this email is 114 because that was my bowling score today. We had "Zone bonding" today and went bowling. I was 4 points away from beating everyone in the zone! oh well. It was great. We also had a zone study this morning. Sister Velasco and I lead the zone study.  We had 3 groups read passages from the bofm about faith. They had to act it out on stage and then share with us what we can learn and apply to our work here in Dagupan zone. We had so much fun and felt the spirit. I really love our zone . It is a smaller zone so we are closer friends and we are more focused on the work. The zone leaders are really inspired and have set goals for us that really challenge and stretch us to work our very very hardest.
Sister Velasco and I have been running around like crazy! The week has gone by so so fast we are like so amazed that it is Monday already. We had exchanges this week with the Dagupan 4a sisters. I worked with them in their area. Their area is like a city so it was pretty cool to see and to feel how it is to work where there are houses so close together.  I am so happy that I get to go on exchanges to much and learn so much from other missionaries. We also had a study with sister Navarathna from Srilanka (sp?) and Sis Dover from Utah? I forget where she is from. But they are both awesome and so diligent.
In Manat B we are really working harder and harder everyday. This week we had 10 new investigators with a baptismal date. Now we are going to help these special people actually reach their baptismal date and enter those waters! We are so happy for Brother Rodrigo who came to church again. He is so excited to be baptized and become a member of the church. He really has been prepared by the Lord.
Sister Valasco and I are very united. I am so so so happy that I have her as a companion. We have been fasting and praying this week for our less active members. This week a less active member that hasn't attended church in years came to church. She was welcomed by the members and felt the spirit. We are so happy! and I know Heavenly Father is happy :)
I love this work and I am so happy to hear about your missionary work at home!
I Love you all and pray for you everyday!

Sister Stapp

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sister Stapp in the Urdaneta Mission!!!

Hello family and friends!!
So transfers happened this week! So bitter sweet talaga. But I found out that I am in Urdaneta mission! It was a very intense transfer and interesting seeing who would be going up the mountain and who was staying in urdaneta. well I am still here in Manat B area. Sister Stokes got transferred :( She is in Rosales so at least she is still in urdaneta mission. So is sister Palmer so I am happy :) I miss my anak! sister stokes was such a wonderful companion and friend.
I miss her dearly. But I have a new companion! Fellow Sister Training Leader Sister Velasco! She is awesome. We are already really good friends and I just know this transfer will be so so great. Sister Naomi Velasco is from manila and is 25 years old. She is the oldest in her family and is very motherly and cute.
We are excited to be STLs over Dagupan Zone and Calasiao Zone. We will be conducting exchanges with 14 sisters and helping them with their challenges and concerns.
Because of the mission split we are getting part of Olongapo(sp?) mission. We are getting the Hundred Islands area which is like the most coveted area of all the phils. Pretty exciting! We received 27 new missionaries this transfer! The official split happens on July 1st!

Now that I am in Urdaneta mission the address is the same but instead of putting Baguio mission put Urdaneta mission...duh. haha.
Also This week we have many new investigators. I am so grateful to be companions with sister velasco. I am already learning so so much and improving in my teaching and finding.
Lets see what else happened. I am not sure if we are able to watch whatever you watched this week...I haven't heard anything about it. Pero hopefully we do.
Oh ya! This week we had stake conference it was really great! and powerful! There were messages about tithing and about being on time to church. I was so so happy because our investigator Brother Rodrigo came. He felt the spirit and will come again next week.
Yesterday we had an interesting experience. We preached by the way to a sister who is a member of another faith. She was welcoming to us but when we started the lesson, she also started hers. She was basically teaching us and having us read from the bible. She was obviously trying to prove that our church is wrong. We asked her why Jesus Christ was important in her life and she couldn't answer in her own words. she would only use bible verses to answer. We testified to her about prophets and continuous revelation. And she could not deny what we testified of so she always changed the subject.
I felt the power and authority as we testified. I know what we were saying is true an no one can deny it of falsify it. No one can because it comes from the spirit! It comes from God and not from the knowledge of the world!
I know this gospel is true with all my heart!
Love you.
New Companion--Leader Sisters!!!

Sister Stapp with the gang!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Suspense!!! (this blog post is up to date!!)

So it is really suspenseful over here with the upcoming transfers just a few days away! We don't know what will happen! We will know on Wednesday who will be transferred and stuff. This week has been great but It is hard to focus! I have been thinking about who my new comp is going to be and I am also getting so so so sad because I know I will not be with sister Stokes anymore! I will miss her so so much! I love sis stokes. Tomorrow our district leader Elder Slaughter is going back to Utah. He is done with his mission! It is so weird when people go home. Like they are actually going to the real world! Anyway.
This week we met a wonderful person named Rodrigo. We met his wife first who is a member. her name is Imelda. She saw us and was like I was hoping to run into you! She had just moved into the area and just got married. She told us about her husband Rodrigo who is not a member but really wants to become one. Well we went there the other night and pretty much he was like "So when can I be baptized?" I was pretty much blown away. haha! He is so ready. He had lots of questions and is excited already to get married for eternity to his sweetheart, Imelda. I am so excited to teach him again! I will keep you updated.
So I am doing great. I haven't heard a lot about what I will be doing as a sister training leader. I will let you know next week. I have been reading in the book of Mormon about Ammon. He is so cool! Ammon is always excited about everything. He is always finding joy in the work. I am tryng to be like him! I want to always find joy in this work and always be diligent.
Lets see what can I tell you about my day to day life. We walk in the rain and get soaked a lot lately. It is raining a lot!! And it has thunder and lightning!
the pic is where we had our service project that one time. I am sorry about the lack of pics something is always wrong with the computer.
I got a letter from aunt Rachelle this week! and one from grandma and grandpa stapp! tell them all that I love them!!!
I am still loving it here! I am getting nervous for what is coming up next but I am trusting in the lord more than ever. He is always supporting me and helping me. I KNOW I have a loving heavenly father. I know that he loves us all and he wants us back as families. I love you all my family and friends. Keep being obedient and awesome.
Sister Stapp

A few June emails, with an exciting baptism!

JUNE 9, 2013
hey! so I had just a long detailed email written and I accidentally deleted it all! so sorry if this one is not as good I don't have much time left.
So this week I went to urdaneta and attended Mission leader council (formerly known as zone leader council) I have been called as a Sister Training leader. It is kinda like a zone leader for sisters. We conduct exchanges and help the sisters in like 2-3 zones. We are also a part of the monthly leader council in urdaneta. There were 6 of us called. I am excited and nervous! I don't know why I was chosen but the call came from the Lord and I know he will help me!!

Also this week I taught relief society. The RS pres texted me the morning of and asked me to teach. I taught about seeking and following the will of the father just as Jesus Christ did. I was so scared to teach but it went so smoothly. I was calm and was able to get the class involved. I am so grateful to have a father in heaven who watches over me.

Brother Joven Received the priesthood this week and also I ate pizza!!! It tasted like home!

School started this week in the phils and all the kids look so cute in their uniforms. I am so sorry that this is so short!

I am loving this time here and I cannot believe it is June. I will be here 11 months soon and that is crazy!

I am loving being able to teach each day to these people and I love them so so much.

They are so loving and caring I want to be like them!

I have to go!!!! I love you!

Sister Stapp
JUNE 2, 2013

Joven's baptism!!!


This week has been so so great! It started off with exchanges! We had exchanges on Tuesday and I got to work with sister Davidson! She is from Australia and has been here for just over 2 weeks. She is soooo cute and so talented. She is diligent in her studies. We had fun together and came home and planned. After we planned I went to open the door to my room but it was locked from the inside! Confused, I went to go get the key. When I opened the door I looked everywhere but no one was there. Then I looked up and one of the tiles on the ceiling was open!!! I was freaked out and called for sister Baluyot. I was like "Sister I think someone has been here!" We were all freaked out but no one was there and nothing was lost. We closed it and said a prayer. I couldn't sleep! The landlady said it was the wind but I don't think it was. No worries though. The zone leaders came over and bolted it shut :) we are safe now!
So also this week we had a baptism!!! Brother Joven was baptised on June 1st. He was so so so happy and excited. We all got there early so they could get dressed and take pics. So then we got a text from the 2 councilor saying he would be 30 mins late. He was the one presiding and conducting. so we waited after 30 mins he still wasn't there! And the speakers weren't either!!! I was nervous but luckily our District leader elder slaughter was there. we started and elder slaughter presided and spoke. It was a great service although none of it went as planned. At least the ordinance was done right and the spirit was felt. I felt so so happy and just complete joy as joven entered the waters. He is setting a goot example for his family. He is determined to get to the temple next and we are here to help him do that. So much lies ahead for him :)
I love helping the people here. Now that the baptism is over it is sort of like "Ok now what?" but we cant just sit aruong saying now what! we keep going and help the other IBDs make it to their IBDS! I am determined to be diligent every minute here on the mission. I cannot waste a single minute. If I so I am wasting the Lord's time.
My testimony grows each Time I testify which is very often. I feel your prayers and your love. You are all examples to me!! Keep up your missionary work. tell me about your missionary experiences at home!!!
Love, sister stapp
p.s. sorry for the lack of pics they are all taking forever to load

May 2013 Emails From Julia!

Sorry friends for not posting for so long....
MAY 26, 2013
Well hello there family and friends that I love so so much! How are you?
I hope you are all healthy and happy and stuff. I am feeling well and so so happy because this week out awesome investigator brother Joven is getting baptized on June 1st!!!! he had his interview this Saturday. Our DL elder slaughter from Utah interviewed him and he passed! He has a strong testimony of the restored gospel. because he is so close to his baptism, we pretty much teach him everyday so we can follow up on how his preparation is going. He is prepared! I feel so much joy as we are able to observe and be a part of his conversion process.
This week we went to Dagupan to the hospital. Sister sokes has a rash thing on her legs. Turns out it is a bacterial infection. But while we were there we went to McDonald's :) fun adventure.
We are all very excited about the mission split! we are working hard as a zone and seeing fruits of our labours. Every one in the mission works hard and we all get a long really well. Me and sis stokes are in a new district and it is almost all foreigners! we have elder McDonnell and elder slaughter from Hawaii and Utah. then elder vonibolla and elder Wilkes from Fiji and Utah then sister Flores and sister Davidson from phil and Australia. sis Flores is the only local! haha! we have fun and we are all learning together to be more effective missionaries.
Not much exciting happened this week except for brother joven . we actually had a really hard week. allot of our appointments fell through and we had some gates slammed in our faces. but that is OK because it is another week. I love you all!

We had a zone activity this week and so i am sending pics.

How is your church branch? our branch is great! they are all very supportive ad friendly. Our leaders are learning how to be leaders and we are helping them a lot. This branch is hoping to become a ward soon! we had 118 in attendance last week so it is a possibility that that might happen!
Are the members helping with the missionary work? We have a few that work with us but we could always use more! We encourage them to work and give us their referrals.
Are they cooking for your? Yes! they feed us quite often. At home sister caunca and baluyot cook. I act as their assistant as I chop and stir things :)
Are you taking a ton of photos? No :( sorry sometimes there is just nothing to take a pic of. I know you like to see exciting things. also we cannot just whip our camera out willy nilly.
Do you think you will be in the Urdaneta Mission? yes
How are your clothes holding up? for the most part.
How is your companion? great! I love her to death. we have a good time and are united.
Are you speaking Tagolag a lot? Opo. everyday all day. well most of the day.
Any new investigators this week? we have a few but none that are super interested.
What is your favorite part of the day? Teaching of course. I love when we are teaching people.
What are you studying? this month we have been studying about diligence. read about it in PMG :)
Who are the other sisters in your area? sister caunca and baluyot I think I have told you that before.
When are transfers? In 4 weeks. or so
Grandmas questions
Grandma ad grandpa! I got a letter from you today! thanks! I love you both so so much
My cancer sores are better I still get them every now and then but that toothpaste that you got me works! Also thanks so much for the sweater! It is so
cute and I wear it a lot. Also the razors. I still have lots of potatoes. I use them sparingly. haha! I like to eat them on special occasions. As for mac and cheese I like the cheddar better. I love you both! I will be sending you a letter soon!!
I love you and just want to tell you that you are awesome!!
I will write you soon!
MAY 19, 2013
Hello everyone!
I was so happy to be able to see your beautiful faces last Tuesday :) you all look great! Keep up the good beauty rest. haha. I wish I could have skyped with everyone that is reading this but I will see you someday soon :) I have had a great week!
Although it was hard to re-adjust after skyping haha. I bounced back pretty quickly. we are getting Brother Joven ready for his baptism which is on saturday June 1st! he will have his interview this sat. He was nervous at first. He imagined it like a job interview. But last night we brought a recent convert to the lesson who was able to share his interview experience and ease bro Jovens worries a little. He is really excited. He came to church and learned about revelation. He wears a white shirt and tie and everything! Oh and he also went to the branch swimming activity. It is all just so exciting because he is becoming a member of the branch family already which means after the baptism, there will be a good hand off from missionary to branch.
In other news we had apt checks this week. The zone leaders and the Dinkles (couple missionary) came and checked everything. We did pretty well but I got a 9 on my desk!! They said I had too many books on my desk :( They were nice and orderly! but I guess not up to standard. Oh well.
Also this week we have gotten lots of Langka! It is jack fruit! They are growing like crazy right now so people just hand them out. In the pic I attached me and sister caunca are pulling one apart. With jack fruit you have to work with your hands to separate the seeds, the fruit and the peel. it is hard and very very sticky and stinky. But delicious afterwards. we boil the fruit in sugar to make it sweeter. then eat! yum. we just got another yesterday that is like the size of a baby! I will take a pic soon.
This week we have been blessed with many dinner appointments. We had one at a members house on Friday. The cayado family. They are so sweet and we taught them about the restoration. Then we ate. The next night sister cayado texted us and said we have some cake if you want you can come over and have some. So we went over of course and she surprised us with another dinner!!! we ate there two nights in a row! They are so loving and generous here we are so blessed when we are obedient.
Also yesterday we got invited to two bday parties! lots and lots of pancit was served :)
I am loving it still and love this work.We have been getting lots of rain and lightning and thunder lately. Some lightning is so close we have to run home! but they say by June the lightning will be gone and it will just be rain until November haha! cant wait! We are already getting soaked a few times this week and it will be everyday very soon. It is nice and cool when we sleep at night which I like :)
I am so grateful for all your love and support. I love getting letters from all of you and will try to write back as best I can. If It takes me a while just remember na Mahal na mahal kita!!!!
Ingat kayong lahat!
Sister Stapp
MAY 5, 2013
Hello there family!!
I love your emails and love and faces. I have had a great week here on the mission and we are working hard!
We are very happy because earlier this week we were able to hear from our dear area President Elder Nielson and his wife. They came to Dagupan and spoke to us along with pres monahan and sister monahan. Elder Nielson chastised us all!!! haha! he basically told us we need to refocus. He explained to us how when the phils first opened to missionary work, it was and english speaking mission and the missionaries were commanded to preach to the people of influence to establish the church here. Then when the mission started to be Tagalog speaking eventually missionaries started ot only teach the lower class. The church is still in the process in being established here and all we are doing is teaching the lower class. Elder Nielson reminded us that we are called to teach ALL the people of the Philippines and commanded us to teach people who will help establish the church here in our area. We are to preach to people with cars and we are to teach in English!!! Very nerve racking but exciting! Sister stokes and I have of course decided to obey his council. We have started to tract at the BIG HOUSES! i always start in Tagalog and then once I spit something out like "We are missionaries!" then i can somewhat speak English. I cant really get the English grammar down. Sister stokes laughs at me because I speak English really slow and choppy when I am teaching. Oh well. Enough about me. so far we have had success! we have found some new investigators that are people of influence here in the area and have cars which means they will be able to home teach and bring people to church!
Of course just because we are preaching to the rich...does not mean we exclude the poor! of course we love them and will keep teaching them. Brother joven is doing great! He loves church and even came to a few teaching appointments with us this week. I will take a pic with him soon so you can see what he looks like. he loves church and loves reading the bofm. he loves to pray and has been praying about the bofm. I love the bofm too!I love reading it everyday I wish i could read it all day long. Anyway
Also today we had a zone activity! we played steal the bacon. very fun but oh so hot! I stole the bacon a few times...I wish it was real bacon.
I am so happy to hear all that is going on with you all. your plays and the baby...everything is so exciting` I received a dear elder from mom and....that is it. I haven't gotten any hand written letters yet.
The branch is doing very well...we still don't have a Branch mission Leader...which is hard. But there is hope still. President Agulan is really nice and supportive. all the members are great1
well I dong have much time sorry for the short and lack of pics!!!!
love sister stapp

Monday, April 29, 2013

Short But Powerful Email

Happy Bangus Festival yall!
So it is pretty much a big fish festival here in my area. Bangus (milk fish?) is the most common fish here so they celebrate it! They have the longest fish grill in the world. It is in the Book of World Records! I havent seen it though...because of course that is not what I am here for! I am here to help others come unto Christ :) and that is what we have been doing.

Sister Stokes and I are stoked this week because we have a golden investigator. I think I told you about Bro Joven last week. He came to church this week in a white shirt and tie! He looked like an elder all he needs is the name tag! We have taught him almost every day this week. He is very excited! I will update you on his progresss next week.

We also were able to teach Mary this week. She is a less active and is very very poor. She has to work on Sundays to eat. But she came to church yesterday! She said she felt happy again . We are teaching her later tonight.

I am feeling healthy and happy!

So the elections are comming up on may 13! Elections here are fun! haha. There are cars with the canidates pictures on them that drive through the streets playing each one's theme song. Yes they have theme songs! It is getting really loud. just a little annoying during personal study but that is ok. On election day we have a 6oclok curfew.

Me and Sister Stokes are just work work working! We walk mostly everywhere and preach by the way as we go. We make babies cry....they are scared of my hair.

I love this work and I love the Phils. I love you too!!!

I cannot believe the time is going by so so fast!

Love you!

Sis Stapp
Here is a pic of Bro Charles!!!! He got baptized this week! I was'nt there but I taught him for a long time! I am so so so so happy!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sister Power!

The first wave a 19 year olds hits Julia's mission.  Here she is at the transfer meeting!  She is training Sister Stokes (the sister with the green headband).

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Joe!

So basically the people here call elders from America Joe all the time. Sister Stokes and I got called Joe this week while we were proselyting this week. I guess that is the most common American name.

Anyway! how are you I am great! Thank you for your emails and stuff. I love hearing from you. I am glad your hike went well mom. And dad that beard was amazing. But I am glad you are back to your old self. I love you.

Alex and Sammie. I miss you boys and Tyler, I am happy to hear about your new bike and your awesome trick! send me a pic!

I loved the pictures you sent especially of that cute baby!!! I just wanna eat his cheeks!!

!uestion for Rachel: When are you moving to a far away place? Will you be home when I get home? If you move to FL can I come live with you and work at Disney World??

Anyway we had such a great week! Like last night during nightly planning Sister Stokes and I were just smiling from ear to ear because of the great week we had. We have 17 new investigators this week! Yesterday we went back to one of our Preach by the Ways, Sister Joann. She lives so far away!We didn't set a specific appointment with her so we were just praying so hard that she would be home. Well our prayers were answered because she was there and welcomed us with open arms. We taught her and her brother, her mother, her daughter and her nephews! They were all really receptive. I know it was an answer to our prayers. The travel to their area, which is like the furthest neighborhood in our area, was not a waste of time. For a minute I was thinking of not going there because it was so far and she probably wouldn't be there but I am glad we followed the prompting to go.

Another thing that happened yester day is we met Brother Joven! He is a referral that we received last week from a member. We tried to contact him but he was at work. Then suddenly yesterday he came to church on his own! He was there and asked us if we could come over to teach him! We taught him last night for the first time. He is so great. I know he has been prepared by the Lord. He is 17 and wants to be obedient and live a better life. He lost both of his parents already and wants to see them again. I am so excited to teach him again and to help him progress towards baptism. I felt the spirit so strong last night in the lesson. I know he felt it also. He is already reading the BoM and feels that it is true!

I am loving this area. The members are so nice and supportive. They are loving and feed us :) I feel like they are my family already. They are always looking out for us since we are two Americans walking around at night can be dangerous. They walk with us sometimes. I am so grateful for this experience and for the people I am meeting.

Grabe at y half way point ...... I have been reflecting a lot on my mission I just cannot believe that is has gone by so fast!!! I am glad I still have 9 months left. I love doing the Lord's work and feeling the spirit as I help the people come unto Christ. I love this gospel. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday about the restoration and I just am so grateful that I have a testimony of the restoration of the gospel. I thank the Lord everyday for this knowledge and I want to share it with every one for the rest of my life!

I love you all and I hope you are sharing this special message to all around you (even members) everyone needs to hear your testimonies.

Has it started raining? it rains. but mostly while we are sleeping. the big rain hasn't hit yet.
Do you have any new sisters coming this next transfer? yes lots! Not sure how many though.
Have you met lots of new people? yes! I wish i had time to tell you about each one! in 9-10 months I will
How is the branch? great! learning but great!
How is your health? good! I feel great.
I want to hear more about you apartment? Our apt is really nice. very nice compared to my old one. there are tiles. and no rats! only thing is that the water is yellow...even the filtered stuff...sooooooao pretty much we shower in fish water. But the apt is nice and I like my bed . I sleep on the top bunk
Where do you shop? we shop at an actual grocery store! I feel so spoiled in this area.
I love you all!
See ya later!!!
Sister Stapp

Monday, April 15, 2013

Flamly is Julia's Language for Family!

Hello Flamly!
I am here and I am so Hot! It is hot and sweaty here in our area. But that is ok we still work and work and work. The rain should be coming soon so they say. It rained a few times this week. One of the days I forgot my umbrella, luckily a member let me borrow her's so I didn't get soaked. Anyway I am getting to love this area. This week Sister Stokes and I were really trying to connect with the active members in our area. We went to their homes, taught them about the restoration, asked for referrals and scheduled FHEs. It is great to get to know them. They are such loving people and supportive to the missionary work also!

One member, Sister Ferrer gave us a referral. She referred her neighbor Sister Imelda. So the other day we went to contact Sister Imelda. Sister Ferrer came with us to fellowship and to help teach. Sister Imelda was very receptive and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She also agreed and was interested in more visits! Sister Ferrer bore a powerful testimony at the end that touched the heart of Sister Imelda. Sister Imelda was able to feel how important the gospel is for Sister Ferrer. After the lesson Sister Ferrer was so happy she kept saying "I felt the spirit so strong." I told her, "So did I!" Sister Ferrer said she is going to do all she can to help Sister Imelda progress and come to church. Sister Ferrer has definitely "caught the wave" of missionary work. It makes me so happy when members are involved. They are the key to this great work.

This week we were able to watch conference! We traveled to Lingayen by bus to watch at the stake center. On Saturday it was pretty much just the missionaries and a few members there. Which was sort of sad. I felt sad about all the great talks the members are missing. But there was a full house on Sunday morning! yay!

Conference was so great. Sister Stokes and I had been counting down the days like it's Christmas or something. haha! We loved all the talks. I noticed a theme of "Family" with a lot of the talks. Family is so so so important. We had a lesson with a less active member about family the last night. she works in Manila and is only home on the weekends. She has a 16 year old boy and a 2 year old boy. She hates being away from them but in order to make ends meet she needs to work. Her husband just got a job working in another country. Right now she shared with us that her husband and she are deciding whether to transfer their kids to Manila to be with mom or leave the little one with a cousin while the 16 year old stays home to finish school. We shared with her the importance of togetherness in the family especially while the kids are young. She is setting the main example to her children and they need to see it. I know she wants her family to be together and I know she felt the spirit. She knows what she needs to do as a mother and that is be there physically and spiritually for her children. I love families and I am so grateful for mine!

I am doing well here and still loving every minute. I cannot believe I am almost half way through. It is going by way too fast! Stop!!!! Coming up on my half way has made me reflect a lot on how far I have come and what I still need to work harder on. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord in His work, especially at this time where the work is moving foreword so quickly. I cannot express to you how much I love this gospel. I do love it so much. I know that this church is true.

I will apologize because I have no pics this week. I left my sd cards on my desk. I hope you will forgive me :)

Fun fact: I got pooped on by a bird yesterday while proselyting not fun. Also we travel mostly by walking. they have beef here but It is rare. I eat with my hands sometimes.
I love you all so so much! ask questions if you want!
Sister Stapp

thanks mommy for the email!!
I love to hear about life. I loved your conference notes:)
I also loved conference! Those men are inspired and called of god for sure.
Good to hear everyone is getting engaged :)
I got dearelders this week from Kelly Lee and Aunt Cindy. Tell those ladies I love them so much and thank you for the letters. I will write back soon!
I also got a letter from my dear friend Lizzy Gruber.
Can you tell her that I got it and that I love and miss her!
Kara. I Love you!!!
Savannah: I got your JB card! Love it!!!! I love you!!!
I feel like I need to handwrite all these people because I never have enough time on the comp. to send them a good note on here. anyways I love you mommy and daddy and alex and sammy!!