Hello again family!
So I am not transferred if you were wondering. I am still here in Manat B area with my dear Sister Velasco. We are having a great week. We have a new missionary in our apartment! Sister Adasme. Fresh from the MTC and from Iowa. She is really great and great at the language. She will be a great addition to the zone and to the mission.
I am healthy and very very happy!!! I love the Lord and his work! I love the people so so much. and I love my companion. she makes me laugh every day!
Also this week Sister Velasco and I held a career workshop! Well we organized it and stuff. We had a member give a workshop to the youth in our area about resume building and job interviews. We handed out a ton of fliers last week but when it was the day of the workshop, no one showed up! haha! we did not know what to do! we were freaking our just a little bit. We went around to those who we visited las week and we rallied about 7 youth. it turned out really great :)They are all not members yet so potential investigators and they were really inspired by the workshop. We are excited to do more service projects in our area to help the people and also get more investigators!
One of our investigators Brother Ramil is soooo great! He is so excited and eager to read the book of Mormon. He came to church yesterday and he loved gospel priciples. he already knows who all the characters in the BOfM are and loves to tell us about them! haha! I love finding the elect. I know brother ramil really has been prepared by the Lord.
Speaking of Prepared! Brother Rodrigo will have his baptismal interview on sat! and be baptized on the 17th! we are so happy and excited!
The weather has been nice....well it is crazy. it is so so hot then it will rain and theh hot again! I like when it rains. Me and sister velasco have really been focusing on writing in our journals lately. I am sad to say I have been lazy at it for a while. but I am repenting now!!!
We had transfer awareness this week and found out that our dear District leader Elder Sta. Ana is transferred. we will miss him! he is always so enthusiastic and inspiring and brings treats, but he is moving on now! I have attached a pic of him with the sisters.
I love being here and I am amazed at the strength I receive each day to go on. Its hard work! I am tempted to be lazy sometimes. But I know laziness is not acceptable to the Lord. I need to work work work.!
I thank you for all your love and kindness!
Sister Stapp