Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last Week!  Oct 28th.  Catching UP!!

Hello everyone another week went by!!! do we stop time. haha!

It is fast as lightning for real. Pero I am having such a great week. 

We had exchanges with some sisters in lingayen. It is awesome to be able to exchange so much and see new areas and learn new things. Recently me and sister velasco have just been learning about how to be a leader. We really are striving to be exactly obedient in all things and be an example to others. It is so important here to be obedient even in the little things like turning the lights off at 10:30 and waking up at 6:30. just the little things. if we are obedient I know miracles will happen. I have seen miracles happen!!!

This Nov.2 a miracle will happen. Little Glyzel (11) will be baptized. She is so so cute. She is the daughter of Bony and Gloria Carrera. They had been inactive for more then 17 years. Now they are so active!!! they are seeing the Blessings from church attendance and reading the scriptures. Sister Glyzel even though she is so young she gets teary eyed when she thinks of her family one day being eternal. She is so happy her parents have returned to church and that she can now be baptized. Sister Glyzel will be an example to her older Brothers who are not yet members. 

So if your wondering.......No I am not transferred!!! yess I am now starting 6th transfer in this area!! haha! it is a long time but I am so so so sooooooooo happy. I just love this area it is my home just like my first area was. I know I am supposed to be here still. Everyone was surprised. I gave a farewell talk in sacrament and everything. But the members are happy also that I stayed. They are all so sweet I wish you could meet them. speaking of speaking in church, to answer moms question. I have spoken so far three times since i have been in Manat Branch and not sang yet. I want to sing but I dont know how to bring it up. I feel boastful. haha! I cant really sing anyway I have had a cough for a while. it is going away not though so dont worry. I think me and sister adasme will sing at sister Glyzels baptism :) 

We have a new house mate! My dear sitster baluyot that has been my housemate for 7 months was transferred. Now we have sister Davidson! She is from Australia and so so cute. excited kami na get to know her better this transfer.  

Also to answer your questions again, sister velasco is younger than me in the mission. She goes home in April. Basically no one is older than me in the mission now and they all remind me everyday! I have a feeling me and sister Velasco might be together forever...I am OK with that! she is a blessing to me really. She is very organized and thinks of the details which I still struggle with. She helps me to improve each day and be more Christ like. 

Today I read in my personal study in Jacob 4:10 it says there "seek not to counsel the lord, but to take counsel from his hand." I thin this is something we can strive to better each day in our personal prayers day and night. Sometimes I find myself just asking and asking for things to go my way. we really need to pause and think and listen to what the Lord is saying to us through his holy spirit. I know he is just waiting to counsel us. he knows what is best, we don't always know what is best. If we show our humility and fill our prayers with thanksgiving we will be led by the spirit to know what to ask for. 

Well that is about it!!! Sorry my emails are short but I just love you all I love missionary work! I love the Phils!! I love Jesus Christ! I know he lives and I know he is our savior!

Mahal ko kayong lahat at pinagdadasal din ko kayo araw araw! 

Ingat kayo lagi!!!

Sister Stapp

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