Monday, September 9, 2013

Best Two Years

  The Carrera Family and the Sisters

Heyo! how are you all lovely people this week! I cannot believe it
s Monday again! I think I say that every week. ha ha! the time goes so so fast!!! Anyways... today we had a zone activity and we got to watch "The Best two years"!!! it was so so great to see Kirby again...!! anyways this week has been so so great! we have seen many miracles...I think last week i told you about the carerra family. well they came to church again this week and this time two of their sons were with them! it was so happy!  I think The father is really seeing how going to church is blessing his family. He is realizing that he is helping his kids more by bringing them to church than hanging out with his drinking buddies.  Whenever something like that happens, like someone comes to church I just see the Lords hand in all things. He really is looking out for us and he blesses us when we really are obedient. I am happy for the Carerra family and I know their kids will be baptized soon. 

It is really great, in our branch we have like 6 young men that are preparing for missions. They have been working with us a lot this week and catching the wave of missionary work. Two of them Brother Francis and brother Louie worked with us on Saturday. Just about a month ago bro Louie was less active! he is now so so strong! he was amazed when he worked with us that all we do all day is talk about the gospel. He was really excited when we found new people to teach and when he was able to share his testimony. He and Francis want to work with us every Saturday now! we are so blessed to have so many effective branch missionaries. 

This week we also had a surprise guest! me and sister velasco were studying when suddenly we got a phone call! It was president monahan! he asked me what street we lived on and that he would be at our apt in 2 mins! haha! we were running around the house cleaning like crazy! lol. he came and studied with sister baluyot and sis adasme then he came up and had a little talk with me and sis V. He asked how the sisters in our zones were and also told us we might get another zone next transfer. He also told us very good news that he will keep us together next transfer! yayaya! we are so so happy because basically we love each other :)

So lets see I think I will add some details......This morning we cleaned the house. I swept the whole house! It gets so dirty so quick! sister baluyot cleaned the shower. There was a Butiki (gecko) in the shower and she is scared of them so I got it out for her because i think they are cute and not scary. Cockroaches are scary. The other day we were in our branch presidents car, he was giving us a ride home and suddenly I looked down and there was the biggest cockroach with wings on my skirt!!!! I screamed (of course) and pretty much turned into a  crazy person frantically trying to get it off. finally it scurried away. I couldn't sleep that night.   hmmm also this week it is still really rainy. it rains like everyday at 4pm.  When it rains in pours! it is so strong and has lightning and thunder ! 

Anyways if you wanna know more details just ask me specific questions. 
I am just loving it here so so much. I love this gospel and i love Jesus Christ. I know he is my savior. i know He lives. I am so happy to serve him and i will serve him my whole life. One thing that i am really looking foreword to when i get home ( i don't think of it often don't worry) is working more with them missionaries. I will be a good member missionary for sure! 
I want to hear about your missionary experiences! if you have them let me know. I know the church is true. 
I attached a pic of us and the carerra family! they are so happy and sweet. I just feel the spirit working in them and helping them to repent and come to church!
I love you all!
Sister Stapp
p.s. hope this was detailed enough! I love you!

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