Sunday, November 3, 2013

From Oct. 21st!

Hello one and all! This p-day is the best!!! we had a zone activity where we made burgers! Well....elder hanneman did. His family owns a restaurant in Hawaii and he made the best biggest yummiest burgers! They kind of took a long time but is was soo so worth it. I am hoping to send you a pic but it might have to wait till next week :(

This week was so great! Best week ever!!! I got to see my anak sister stokes and sister palmer!!!! my mtc companion! it has been over a year since I have seen her!!! We foreigners all went to Urdaneta to get fingerprinted. me and sister palmer talked and talked and talked. We are excited to continue talking on the plane ride home.

We had the privilege of working with many members. The members in our branch are catching the wave one by one. Each week it seems that we have one more member that is ready and willing to work. This week we worked with members that introduced us to some of their closest friends. It was really amazing to see the difference between finding a new investigator from a street contact and finding one through a member. Members make all the difference! The people we met have really been prepared and feel the Love  they already have support from the members. We had 19 new investigators this week I wish I had time to tell you about every one! I will update you on those that progress. 

This week I hit my 15 month mark and i cannot believe it! But despite the time moving fast I am not getting trunky! I will work harder until the end! Sister Velasco and I are really stretching ourselves these past few weeks and we have been worn out!  We love it though. We find so much joy in this work. I know we are companions for a reason and I know I am here on a mission for a reason. Today we had a zone devotional and one elder spoke about what we can offer to the Lord. He talked about how we all need to offer our whole soul to the Lord and also we all have different talents and abilities to offer. Sometimes we might think we are inadequate or not qualified. sometimes we might compare ourselves to others and think they can do it better. But we really should not do that! It is impossible to compare ourselves to others because we are all individuals that are so different from each other! Our heavenly father loves us for who we are and for what we can offer. So let us offer him everything we have. Let us be humble and not selfish. Let us not hold back from the lord becuse we think we are unable or we think we are weak. We are all strong and powerful!
I love you all sorry this is short!!!
Sister Stapp

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