Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few June emails, with an exciting baptism!

JUNE 9, 2013
hey! so I had just a long detailed email written and I accidentally deleted it all! so sorry if this one is not as good I don't have much time left.
So this week I went to urdaneta and attended Mission leader council (formerly known as zone leader council) I have been called as a Sister Training leader. It is kinda like a zone leader for sisters. We conduct exchanges and help the sisters in like 2-3 zones. We are also a part of the monthly leader council in urdaneta. There were 6 of us called. I am excited and nervous! I don't know why I was chosen but the call came from the Lord and I know he will help me!!

Also this week I taught relief society. The RS pres texted me the morning of and asked me to teach. I taught about seeking and following the will of the father just as Jesus Christ did. I was so scared to teach but it went so smoothly. I was calm and was able to get the class involved. I am so grateful to have a father in heaven who watches over me.

Brother Joven Received the priesthood this week and also I ate pizza!!! It tasted like home!

School started this week in the phils and all the kids look so cute in their uniforms. I am so sorry that this is so short!

I am loving this time here and I cannot believe it is June. I will be here 11 months soon and that is crazy!

I am loving being able to teach each day to these people and I love them so so much.

They are so loving and caring I want to be like them!

I have to go!!!! I love you!

Sister Stapp
JUNE 2, 2013

Joven's baptism!!!


This week has been so so great! It started off with exchanges! We had exchanges on Tuesday and I got to work with sister Davidson! She is from Australia and has been here for just over 2 weeks. She is soooo cute and so talented. She is diligent in her studies. We had fun together and came home and planned. After we planned I went to open the door to my room but it was locked from the inside! Confused, I went to go get the key. When I opened the door I looked everywhere but no one was there. Then I looked up and one of the tiles on the ceiling was open!!! I was freaked out and called for sister Baluyot. I was like "Sister I think someone has been here!" We were all freaked out but no one was there and nothing was lost. We closed it and said a prayer. I couldn't sleep! The landlady said it was the wind but I don't think it was. No worries though. The zone leaders came over and bolted it shut :) we are safe now!
So also this week we had a baptism!!! Brother Joven was baptised on June 1st. He was so so so happy and excited. We all got there early so they could get dressed and take pics. So then we got a text from the 2 councilor saying he would be 30 mins late. He was the one presiding and conducting. so we waited after 30 mins he still wasn't there! And the speakers weren't either!!! I was nervous but luckily our District leader elder slaughter was there. we started and elder slaughter presided and spoke. It was a great service although none of it went as planned. At least the ordinance was done right and the spirit was felt. I felt so so happy and just complete joy as joven entered the waters. He is setting a goot example for his family. He is determined to get to the temple next and we are here to help him do that. So much lies ahead for him :)
I love helping the people here. Now that the baptism is over it is sort of like "Ok now what?" but we cant just sit aruong saying now what! we keep going and help the other IBDs make it to their IBDS! I am determined to be diligent every minute here on the mission. I cannot waste a single minute. If I so I am wasting the Lord's time.
My testimony grows each Time I testify which is very often. I feel your prayers and your love. You are all examples to me!! Keep up your missionary work. tell me about your missionary experiences at home!!!
Love, sister stapp
p.s. sorry for the lack of pics they are all taking forever to load

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