Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sisterhood of the traveling sisters....

Hello one and all! You are all great and amazing and I love you.
This first week of the transfer has been the fastest week ever! Sister Velasco and I have been traveling to and fro and from sea to sea. on Tuesday we went to Dagupan to study with some sisters. then we went straight to Alaminos. It is about 2 hours away. We attended their district meeting there and also had exchanges with the sisters. So we slept there and from there went straight to Lingayen to have a meeting with the zone leaders there.  On Friday we had exchanges in Lingayen and on Thursday we had a stake activity. A crazy week! I think we had fast food like 4 times because of all the traveling! Everyday this week we have woken up before six so we can travel to a different meeting or exchange. I am feeling tired but because of the Lord's help I am surviving :)
 haha! in Alaminos we got to work in the Hundred Islands area. It is so so beautiful! it is so green and near the ocean. you can actually see some of the islands from the beach. We were there at night so we couldn't get any pics. But someday I will go back. The sisters in that area are opening the area. So they are really trying to get the area progressing. We helped them set a goal to find at least 7 new investigators a week. I love working with different sisters every week I learn so much!
On Saturday we had stake family day! it was so much fun and there was a great turn out! The first part was an open house from 1-4. We gave tours to members and investigators around the chapel where they learned about all the different things we do at church! The best thing was we were able to help a lot of recent converts and less actives get started on their family history work! they were all so so excited. One member Sister Dolores is so so cute. She is so eager to get started but I don't think she has ever touched a computer. We had to teach her how to move the mouse and click on things. She loved it and felt the spirit when she was entering her family names into the computer. In the evening time they had a cultural show where each ward presented a dance number. I wish we could have stayed we hear our recent convert bro Rodrigo was a riot! Oh well. 
So pretty much in our travels we ride buses and vans. They always play the music so loud and it is distracting! ah! That is my But I just try and think of other things. 
We had apartment checks this week so we cleaned like crazy people so the couples can check. Today we will shop. here in Dagupan we have a really nice mall. Not like my first area where it was just a Palengke (like a farmers market.) We have a supermarket. it pretty much is like a Walmart or something. It looks like the states here at the mall. around me right now I see McDonald's, Levi's store, Nike store, and a national book store which is like Borders. It is very nice here. I am blessed to be in Dagupan!
We have been getting a lot of rain and most everywhere is still flooded so we wear our boots a lot
As for investigators, Brother Bong and Jeffrey are so so so oooooo great! They will be baptized on Oct 12. We taught them yesterday and they said they want to be baptize so they can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and be clean from sin. We haven't even taught them about the Holy Ghost yet!!!! They are so so prepared by the Lord. I know they will be stron members of the church. 
I love sharing with them because the spirit is just there. They accept so easily because they feel it is true. They have both stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and feel the difference also! I will keep you updated on them.
We are looking foreword to conference and everything! 

Do they have oats there? yes lots of oats!!
  What about peanut butter? yes!
 Chocolate chips cookies? processed ones. but noone really makes them from scratch.
 How is your armpit?smelly....joke lang! it is doing fine now.
I love you all and keep you in my prayers I know this church is true!!!! I know Jesus Lives! I love sharing the Gospel!
sister Stapp

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