Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello All you Lovely People!!!!

How are y'all doing! I am so thankful for all of your emails! It is so exciting all the things that are happening and stuff. I love you all and I am doing so so great!! I cannot believe this transfer is almost over! I am pretty sure I will not transfer yet.But who knows.

So this week we are just doind what we do and working hard! We are getting excited because the baptism of Brother Rodrigo is so close! He is so so excited. He is fellow shipping our other investigators it's like he is a member already. haha! He loves his wife emelda so so much and knows that he wants to be with her forever. I am so so happy for them.

So today we had a zone activity! It was so so great. we have some great zone leaders! they made it fun. we cooked spicy food and ate and played hand ball and ninja. it was great! I am really close to this zone and it is sad because so many of them will be leaving this transfer! One is sister sandoy who is my house mate right now. she is done with her mission and is leaving for home tomorrow! I cannot imagine what she must be feeling. Crazy!

On Wednesday Sister Velasco and I went to Urdaneta to the MLC mission leadership councel. The Assistants gave a great message about sacrifice. When we ever feel like or wonder why missionary work is so hard. We just have to remember our savior Jesus Christ. He suffered everything! We cannot expect to not have hard ship and trials when it was NEVER easy for Him! He loves us so much and if we love him we will do the hard things. We will open our mouths and we will invite. We will be an example and live the commandments. It is hard but if the Lord Jesus Christ descended below all things and suffered for us, we can endure the trials that he blesses us with. I Love Him so so much and I am so grateful to be serving Him. I am happy to have all of you my family and friends to look up to for an example. I love you!

Sister Stapp

p.s. I ate the tongue of a water buffalo yesterday.....slimy yet satisfying:)


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