Sunday, March 31, 2013

A few more photos...

Julia's last month in Caba (from the Fullmer blog):

Cleaning the Chapel. Get to work Elders.

Visiting Families!

On to the next visit with Sister Fullmer

Not home?
It's all about the people and changing lives!

Time to head home.

All these photos on this post are from Sister Fullmer <3 

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Sooooooooooooo a lot has happened since I last wrote!

First of all I am transferred!!!We had transfers on Friday so we traveled to urdaneta. Transfer meeting was so stressful! Jjust waiting to hear where we are going and who we will be with. President has all the new sisters stand on one side of the chapel and the trainers stand on the other side. Then he called out our areas. So I am here in Lingayen Zone, Manat B area. I am training and opening a brand new area! I am also training of course. My first anak is sister Stokes! She is so so great! She is from mount Shasta Ca and worked at Disneyland! She is just like me it is crazy! Oh and she goes to byu-i.  Anyway we are here in our new new area. Some of the places in this area have never been visited by missionaries! We are excited. This area is very very very hot and it is basically all fish ponds where people raise fish to sell. The area smells like fish and so does the water we shower in. We live with two other sisters, Sister Caunca and sister Baluyot. They are both from the Philippines. Sister Baluyot is also a trainee.It is really beautiful here. I am happier to be surrounded by water instead of tobacco like in my last area :)

So they worked with us on Saturday so they could sort of show us the area. Basically what we will be doing is finding finding finding! New investigators and less active members and working closely with out church leaders! The problem is we have no branch mission leader! Hopefully we will have one soon.Our branch president is really nice and supportive.

My last few days in Caba were hard! I love all the people there so much and I hated saying goodbye. But I will hopefully see them all again someday. I know it is the Lord's plan for me to be here in Manat B. Even though it is hard to open an area and train, I know I can receive strength from the atonement of Jesus Christ.

So training is fun! Sister Stokes is great she is ready to work and has a great desire to serve. The branch members are surprised that president put two foreigners together but I like it :)

I am helping her adjust to the culture and the language here. There is a different dialect here. Last area I was in La Union where they speak Ilocano. Here we are in Pangasinan where they speak pangasinan. We just speak Tagalog though :)

I am pretty comfortable with the language now. Sister Stokes is very diligent at language study so she will improve really fast once she gets over the initial shock. We are following the spirit since we don't really know the area.


I received dearelders this week from Kara and Samantha and mommy! I love your dearelders!!!!!
Sorry this is so short today! more to come about investigators and fish!
See ya!
Love you!
Sister Stapp

 sis Fernando and i with our trainees

Happy Easter!

Beautiful and Fishy

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Shift of Duties!

Hello my dear ones!

I love you and I am sure you already know that but I just thought I would remind you one more time. also this key board has one " enter"" key missing and one shift key missing so sorry for all the mistakes.  anyways how are you? i hope you are happy and I hope you are laughing and telling jokes. Today is pday (duh) and we had a zone lunch at the Gatchalians! of course it was delicious. it was so fun because afterward we all were so full so we just sat there telling jokes. All the Filipinos would laugh at the Filipino jokes and the Americans would laugh at the American jokes. and we would all pretend to laugh at each others jokes. I couldn't think of any jokes! I was thinking darn i wish Samuel was here he is the funny one. and Alex too of course. anyway. Elder Kaur from idaho told a funny one " Two snowmen were standing in the field and one said to the other " Hey do you smell Carrots?" haha!!!

Sooooooooo i have exciting news! on Wednesday we had just finished a lesson with a less active when the phone rang. I said "hello po!" and it was elder maze one of the assistants. "Hello sino yong kinausap ko?" sabi ko " Sister Stapp" tas sabi nya "how are you sister stapp" and I said "great!" "are you in a lesson?" "we just finished" "Well great sister stapp i have some news for you. do you have any idea what it might be?" "No i have no idea" (i really did have an idea) then he said " Well congratulations sister you will be training this next transfer!" yaya!!!

So yon I will be training! I'm going to be a mommy! We attended what is called "training the trainers" in Urdaneta on Friday. We heard workshops from the assistants and president. He told us that we are "watchmen on the tower" we are responsible for helping these missionaries become responsible, obedient and successful missionaries. I am excited but nervous! I don't know if i will be training here in Caba or opening an area. Most likely I will be opening an area since i have been here for 6 months now. I have butterflies, but the Lord will help me i know He will. He will qualify me if i continue to be obedient. ah!!! Transfer day is on Friday so next email you will know who my trainee is! She will be great i just know it.

Also good news! I have worn holes in my shoes!!!! Well it happened a few weeks ago but i forgot to tell you. yes we walk a lot. I was wondering why one of my shoes was always sandy on the inside then i looked and there was a hole! Now they are Holy shoes. haha! I haven't taken a pic but will soon for y'all.

So this week is great. We are so excited because our investigator brother Charles is progressing really well and getting excited for his baptism on April 6. He said last night that he knows Joseph smith was a prophet and that he can feel his prayers being answered. I am so happy about this because he is 20 years old! He is a potential missionary, plus his mother is so supportive. He said that he wants us to come everyday the week before his baptism so he can be more and more prepared. I feel so good when the missionary and the investigator are feeling the spirit together. Spirit speaking to spirit.

Here on the mission I have more fully realized how involved the spirit is in every aspect of our lives. It is true that he is our constant companion...we are never ever alone if we are obedient and heed to the promptings.

So you want to hear about my every day life here in the phils....Well i wake up...I usually wake up to the sound of roosters and people singing karaoke next door...shower in Cold water. It feels nice though because it is so hot! I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast lately. delicious. When we go out to proselyte there are people selling things like corn, fish, and .....stuff like that. people are also selling things at their stores that they own. Here it seems like almost every one owns a small convenience store....they sell crackers and eggs, oil, rice....the essentials. Either they make a living selling things or giving rides in they're trike. All the trike drivers know us and know where out investigators live haha! Everyone knows everyone here in the phils. Contacting less actives is actually pretty easy if you know what barangay they live in. Everyone is like a big family. When i tell them I don't really know the names of my neighbors they are shocked!!

Chicken Dinner! (the Filipinos are so beautiful!)

I love you all and i love this work. I love Jesus Christ. I know he live and loves all of us. I know that the more we understand his atonement the more we will want to follow and become like him. Make sure you read everyday your scriptures! and keep writing me dear elders! i love them! i get them all!

I love hearing about your everyday lives and the things you are doing to help the Lord's work move foreword. 2 Cor 3:3 > really good scripture. The gospel should be written in the fleshy tables of our heart!!!

Love you!!!!!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo1!!

Sister Stapp
ps. love the pics! That baby is so cute!!!
PS.  I got grandma's/pa's Easter package!!! tell them i love it and i opened it already so sister dacuno could open it with me :) tell them i love them so so so much!!!!!!
PS. I try not to think about the time. i still get a little homesicky some times but i just work it off! Can you believe I have been here 8 months???!!!!
The Fullmer's are Senior Missionaries in Julia's area.  She sends me little tid bits about Julia. Here is an email from today and below are some photos from their blog.
"We went with Sister Stapp and Sister Dacuno last Saturday to visit some families. She is amazing at how great she speaks Tagalog. We know she worked hard. It was a pleasure to listen to her. We went to one family and that was the hardest ever for us. It would have been nice to sit outside even though it was hot, but they wanted us to come into their very poor home. They put a fan on us, but it was blowing the hottest air. It felt like 100 degrees. We were there 40 minutes. We do visit some homes that are hot, but not like that one. It was all tin and was just holding the heat in. We have come to love and appreciate these missionaries because they are so dedicated and really sacrifice comfort. They are coming to dinner Wednesday and we love having them. We could let you know after Friday where she will be but she probably wants to tell you herself."

FHE on the beach.  Look at the sunset!
Sister missionaries are beautiful too!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Huli na ako!!!


Sorry this email is so so late! We had a zone activity today that took a while. It was really fun though! We cleaned the chapel and then ate food and then watched 17 Miracles! Of course I was bawling. I love that movie. It is amazing the things the early saints went through to be able to get to the Salt Lake Valley to attend the temple. I will always be grateful for their strong testimonies and endurance.

So this week has been great! We had exchanges on Wednesday. We exchanged with the sisters in San Fernando zone. Sister Dacuno went to work in San Juan and I stayed here in Caba. Sister Lim came to work with me. She is from valenswela (sp?) and has been in the field for 2 weeks! It was so fun to work with her. She is a good missionary. Working with her gave me a little taste of what it will be like to train. I was also able to see how much I have improved and what I still need to improve on! I realized that I still have things to work on but I think I can handle training :) I am grateful for these exchanges.

Also this week we are so happy because one of our less- active families that haven;t been to church in years came to church yesterday! The S__________ family are sealed in the temple and used to be active but it has been years. We have been teaching and teaching them helping them build their faith. The mom seemed to have lost hope and seemed to have lost the desire also to attend church. But yesterday we were so surprised and happy to see them. They were happy too!

We are teaching Sister N___ (former investigator) again. She came to church suddenly again and said she wants us to teach her. Her heart has been softened and she is more accepting of the Book of Mormon.

Oh speaking of the BofM I spoke in sacrament this week! I spoke about the Book of Mormon and how it is the greatest gift to mankinD in our time. I love the BofM so so so much. I love reading it everyday. I am so grateful for the example of my parents. They always read every day and encouraged me to do so also. I didn't always listen to them but now I will!! I cannot live without this book!

I received lots of mail this week. My birthday package! No I have not opened it. The Easter card! I love the eggs and all the fun notes! Sofia, Nick, Michael, Anthony and Rachelle!!! I love you and your notes made me laugh and cry. You are lights in my life. Sofia congrats on your first place! You are wonder woman! Also I got letters from Grandma and Grandpa Stapp. Kate. Bailey and Shelby.
and of course your Easter letter.

Anthony : Oh nuthin much just preaching the gospel you know same ol' same ole
Alex: Sure I guess you can use it but only if you email me every week!
Sam: Yes the church is true!!! Are you still swimming?

Sooooo anyway I want to tell you that I love you all so so so much. and I have officially been on the mission for 8 months!!! Ahhhh!! the time goes by too to tooo fast. make it stop! Anyway thank you for your prayers and love. I pray for all of you often and will continue to do so. Keep reading the Book of Mormon. This book is a blessing from God that we should cherish and never waste by leaving it on the shelf.
Sister Stapp

1. Any fun adventures this week?
Spiders!!! I walked into the bathroom to shower and found a suprise! A huge spider! Bigger than queen elizabeth! I sceamed and it crawled up to the cieling. 

2. What about the ward, do they have activities? Do you go?
The branch doesn't have activities that much, but the Relief Society does! We attend sometimes if we have an investigator or if they invite us specifically or if there is food....haha joke.

3. Do you teach classes at the church, like Gospel Principles?
There is a gospel principles class...if the teacher is not there the branch mission leader teaches...if he is not there we teach!

4. Are you feeling strong and healthy?
Yes! I get headaches because of the heat sometimes but water is the key! Also my ear acts up but otherwise I am fine!!!

5. Are there any holidays the Filipinos are celebrating there?
It seemes like the Filipinos have a holiday everyother day. They are always celebrating some national heroes bday. The kids are out of school often for these holidays.

p.s. Sis Dacuno recieved your letter and was so so happy :) you can send her another if you want!
What are the emails of sarah and rachelle?
I got a dearelder from you and Sarah!!! Tell Sarah I love her so so much and tell
Tyler that we don't have an oven but we have a toaster and a stove! haha!! I love you

Monday, March 11, 2013

Chow King!


So chowking is my favorite fast food here in the Phils. We just got one in the city over. We haven't been able to eat there yet though :( too busy.

How are ya? I hope you are all happy and healthy. My ear infection is gone and I am feeling well. It is so hot over here! Ive started to shower at night because it is so sweaty. Especially when we have appointments in the mountains. Anyway this week was great!

We had a baptism! Sister Judith got baptized. She is not in my area. She is from Aringay. But I was a part of teaching her when we were working in Aringay and Caba. She is very smart and happy. She has a fiance that is a member and lives in Oregon. He was so so happy that she is part of the true church. I sang "I walk by faith" at the service. The problem was that I had no time to practice the song! I thought I knew the tune but I had forgotten between now and when I last sang it when I was a Beehive. hehe! So I sort of made up my own tune. I think she still felt the spirit.

So did I tell you about Charles? So Bro Charles is on of our new investigators. Well he is not really knew. This is his 3 time investigating the church! He is the son of Sister Rose L_____ who has been baptised for just over a year. I taught him when Sister Cabrera was my companion but he did not continue because he could not accept that there was a living prophet today. Anyway he came to church this Sunday and the lesson happened to be about prophets. He didn't talk or ask questions like I thought he would he just sat and listened. But later that night we visited him and he told us that he had had a confirmation that prophets lead the church today. The teacher in Sunday School had been talking about modern day revelation when he mentioned Pres. Hinckley and his councel for everyone to prepare a 72hr kit in case of emergency. Bro Charles said when he heard that he felt chills and he felt that Pres. Hinckly was inspired by God to give that councel. We asked him if he had any doubts about prophets still. He said no. His baptismal date is april 6. I hope I am still here to see him be baptized!

So everyone in Caba is suprised that I am still here. They don't want me to leave though! They all say "We will lose our singer!" they give me too much praise. It seems like I sing in sacrament every week. I love it though. I love to sing.

Also this week we held a workshop for our auxiliary leaders. We gave workshops about scripture study, prayer, administering vs. ministering, and the Holy Ghost. They really appreciated it. We are helping them convert themselves so they can improve the branch and their families.
ummmmmmm what else........ I am loving the work still. I am trying my best to be 100% obedient everyday. Sometimes I want to sleep in till 7am. but I know if I do that, I am wasting the Lord's time. This time is not mine and I will use it all to help the Lords work move foreword!

I love the book of Mormon and I love reading it everyday.

I just opened an email from my mission president and this is all he had to say:
"Be ready to train. We have 14 new sisters arriving in a month! We love you."

Pray for me! haha!
I love you all more than words can say!
Sister Stapp
We got new chairs!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Kumusta family! (and friends who are also reading!)

Hope you all had a great week. I hope you are all safe and happy and reading your scriptures.
I am happy! We had transfer awareness on Wednesday and it was very suspenseful. Our zone leader Elder Olson from Canada had us all vote who would be transferred. We all voted and ended up with 8 names including mine. Of course everyone voted me because I have been here almost 6 months. So Elder Olson told the 8 to bare their testimonies. It is tradition that the transferees always bare their testimony before they leave. So we did so. It was hard because we didn't know if it was for real or not! So after we were done and after a few tears. Elder Olson introdused the twist. we had voted 8 names but only 3 are actually getting transferred! So then he told us who they were and it wasn't me. Yes I am still here in Caba! Still here with sister Dacuno :) I was so suprised I was sure I would be transferred but oh well. Sister Palmer my mtc companion is training this transfer in Urdaneta. I am happy for her she will do great.
Food news!!! I ate Balut this week! Yes I did it. I had to becuse it was sister Sheilas last day! (she left for the mtc) It was actually ok. First you suck the juice out. which is good. Then you eat the chick. I ate it in the dark and in 3 pieces. it was not that good. I almost didn't do it. but i have to do it at least once right! then after the chick you eat the yolk. just tasted like egg. the chick had feathers and feet and eyes and everything! not even my companion has eaten a chick! I am more Filipino than she is! haha. That is is for the food news. back to you stan.
Temple news! Aringay Branch had their temple trip this week we are so happy because our recent converts were able to go! Sister Rose who has been baptized for just a year recieved her own endowment and she is so happy! Also Bro Freddie who will be baptized for a year later this month went and was baptized for his parents. It is amazing how the blessings of the temple can strengthen ones testimony. Just looking at sister rose and bro freddie I can tell they have been to the temple and felt the spirit there. the whole branch was buzzing this sunday because of what they had all seen and felt there. I cannot wait to go back to the temple!

Investigator news! Our investigators are all progressing and interested still. They are reading and praying. But, we had no investigators attend Sacrament Meeting this week! :( we were sad. It is hard when no one that says they will come comes. It is something we just need to go through on the mission. We are devestated when it happens, but it does not mean we give up. We just try harder to teach them the importance of church attendance. We teach through the spirit so they will understand and feel also the importance.

Lets see other details for mom, we mopped the floor last night. It was fun. ummm...we had ham for lunch yesterday. Oh also the other day I was in the bus and "Only Hope" was playing on the bus full blast! It made me think of you daddy! I love you!I love this work! It is not easy but it is worth it! It is challenging some weeks we have no new investigotors or sometimes they don't come to church but we always move foreward and always keep the faith. We are led by the spirit and we are endowed with power and authority. I know this church is true and I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet called of God. I know we have a Heavenly Father who has a perfect body of flesh and bone. I know He has a Son who is Jesus Christ who is perfect and lives! I love them and I love my family. I am so grateful for you all and for your support and love. Keep moving foreward!
Sister Stapp

me sweeping. hha!!
Sister leaving on her mission.