Sunday, October 13, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello One and all and merry Christmas! everything is decked out now for Christmas! haha! how are you? well I hope you are great! I cannot wait to tell you about the best week ever!! Even though I have been sort of sick and fighting off a cold, we have just had such a blessed week.
So President Monahan has given us council that we need to have members present to more of our investigator lessons! And this week we had 16 lessons with a member present! The members have been so awesome this week. We have been also using less active members as fellowshippers. It is so great when they work because they are strengthened at the same time! It is amazing even though me and sister Velasco are running around like crazy people we are still able to maintain our area and help it progress. The Lord really does help us and give miracles when we are diligent!
We were so blessed this week to hear conference! I was so so so inspired this conference. I know everyone who spoke did so by the power of God. I love the messages about teaching and missionary work. I know this IS the time that the Lord has chosen to hasten his work! we are all in this together members missionaries. we are one!! We need to re-activate and Baptize these children who are waiting for us!
This week we had the wonderful Baptism of Brother Jeffrey and Brother Bong! They were also confirmed on the same day and were so so happy! They know this is the true church and that they have made the right decision. They know this will effect their eternal salvation! I know Heavenly Father is so so happy for them. 
Me and sister Velasco are doing great here we are just anxious to know what will happen this next transfer. Who knows if I will be transferred or not! haha!! we will see. 
sorry this is so short. I am so bad at thinking of details! Let me just tell you I am still working hard and people keep asking me what do I feel like now that I am almost going home! I don't feel like I am going home yet! maybe it will hit me when I have a few weeks left I will work hard to the end. I know this is His work. I know it needs to be done now. I am so grateful for the faith I have grown and the things I have learned here. I am looking foreword to learning more the next 2 transfers. 
Love you!
Sister Stapp

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  1. Great letter. I feel like I worked even harder the closer I got to the end of my mission and my motto became (even more than when I first got it) , "Leave No Regrets" and I'm happy to say that I left no regrets :) besides wishing I could have stayed out longer even though I extended! hehe