Sunday, June 16, 2013

Suspense!!! (this blog post is up to date!!)

So it is really suspenseful over here with the upcoming transfers just a few days away! We don't know what will happen! We will know on Wednesday who will be transferred and stuff. This week has been great but It is hard to focus! I have been thinking about who my new comp is going to be and I am also getting so so so sad because I know I will not be with sister Stokes anymore! I will miss her so so much! I love sis stokes. Tomorrow our district leader Elder Slaughter is going back to Utah. He is done with his mission! It is so weird when people go home. Like they are actually going to the real world! Anyway.
This week we met a wonderful person named Rodrigo. We met his wife first who is a member. her name is Imelda. She saw us and was like I was hoping to run into you! She had just moved into the area and just got married. She told us about her husband Rodrigo who is not a member but really wants to become one. Well we went there the other night and pretty much he was like "So when can I be baptized?" I was pretty much blown away. haha! He is so ready. He had lots of questions and is excited already to get married for eternity to his sweetheart, Imelda. I am so excited to teach him again! I will keep you updated.
So I am doing great. I haven't heard a lot about what I will be doing as a sister training leader. I will let you know next week. I have been reading in the book of Mormon about Ammon. He is so cool! Ammon is always excited about everything. He is always finding joy in the work. I am tryng to be like him! I want to always find joy in this work and always be diligent.
Lets see what can I tell you about my day to day life. We walk in the rain and get soaked a lot lately. It is raining a lot!! And it has thunder and lightning!
the pic is where we had our service project that one time. I am sorry about the lack of pics something is always wrong with the computer.
I got a letter from aunt Rachelle this week! and one from grandma and grandpa stapp! tell them all that I love them!!!
I am still loving it here! I am getting nervous for what is coming up next but I am trusting in the lord more than ever. He is always supporting me and helping me. I KNOW I have a loving heavenly father. I know that he loves us all and he wants us back as families. I love you all my family and friends. Keep being obedient and awesome.
Sister Stapp

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