Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trunky Trunky


Dear family and people...I am NOT trunky! haha! you will know why this is the topic later on in the email.

I cannot believe it is going to be October tomorrow!!! The time is sos os os fast!! Sister Velasco and I are having a great busy week. The weeks seem so fast now that we travel so much! like last week feels like years ago but at the same time I feel like is just happened...time is just so weird on the mission. had lots of exchanges with sister this week and traveled to the far land of alaminos again. 

On Wednesday we went to Urdaneta for our monthly leadership meeting. it was so great. We learned more about how to do missionary work the Lords way by using the members as much as we can! Members really make all the difference! we cannot do this work without them. We are really taking time to teach the members to help them be strong and catch the wave of missionary work. They really are wonderful, the ward members. They are giving us referrals and also returning with us to their referrals! Give the missionaries lots of referrals family!!! They will love you!

After the MLC we went to the office of course to pick up supplies and mail......and there low and behold was.......my Trunky Letter!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!! the trunky letter is something we get when you have like 2 transfers left in the mission. It is just a paper that you have to fill our all your info and stuff about the airport in your hometown. I am dreading filling it out. I really thought I was extended till Feb but I am not after all. oh well!

So Sister Velasco and I have a baptism coming up on Oct. 11! We are so excited for brother Jeffrey and Brother Bong. They are so amazing! every time we finish a lesson with them, it's like we want to cry because they are so prepared by the Lord! Basically we can give them a pamphlet and the next time we come, they are the ones who teach us about the principle! They are really living it too! They know how to recognize the spirit and feel the difference from their previous life and their new life as a disciple of Christ. brother Jeffrey has twins and one of them is severely autistic. They are sooo cute names are Jethro and Jotham. They run around like crazy during the Lessons but brother Jeffery isn't even distracted. The spirit helps him concentrate even though his kids are wild. his wife is working abroad and will be coming home soon. he is excited to go to church with her.
Tell me more about your companion? she is so loving and reminds me of Rachel with how she looks and acts.
  How long has she been out? about a year now.
 What are her good qualities besides making you laugh? she is very smart and remembers things...unlike me. She is organized and clean....unlike me. haha!!! she has a lot of good qualities. 
 What will she do after the mission? she wants to get married and be a mom! or go back to nursing.
   Do any of the members try to go to BYU-Hawaii after their missions?  ya there are lots of missionaries here that studied there before their missions. 
anyway my time is running out ahhhh!
I love you and I love Jesus Christ!!
Sister Stapp

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