Monday, April 29, 2013

Short But Powerful Email

Happy Bangus Festival yall!
So it is pretty much a big fish festival here in my area. Bangus (milk fish?) is the most common fish here so they celebrate it! They have the longest fish grill in the world. It is in the Book of World Records! I havent seen it though...because of course that is not what I am here for! I am here to help others come unto Christ :) and that is what we have been doing.

Sister Stokes and I are stoked this week because we have a golden investigator. I think I told you about Bro Joven last week. He came to church this week in a white shirt and tie! He looked like an elder all he needs is the name tag! We have taught him almost every day this week. He is very excited! I will update you on his progresss next week.

We also were able to teach Mary this week. She is a less active and is very very poor. She has to work on Sundays to eat. But she came to church yesterday! She said she felt happy again . We are teaching her later tonight.

I am feeling healthy and happy!

So the elections are comming up on may 13! Elections here are fun! haha. There are cars with the canidates pictures on them that drive through the streets playing each one's theme song. Yes they have theme songs! It is getting really loud. just a little annoying during personal study but that is ok. On election day we have a 6oclok curfew.

Me and Sister Stokes are just work work working! We walk mostly everywhere and preach by the way as we go. We make babies cry....they are scared of my hair.

I love this work and I love the Phils. I love you too!!!

I cannot believe the time is going by so so fast!

Love you!

Sis Stapp
Here is a pic of Bro Charles!!!! He got baptized this week! I was'nt there but I taught him for a long time! I am so so so so happy!

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