Hello! I love you all and hope you are all doing great!
I am having a great week (of course) I am just so so happy to be here as usual :)
We are healthy and happy. I love my companion sister Velasco she is so wonderful and makes me laugh all the time! She just got a toothache today so we are hoping it is not her wisdom teeth. Yikes. Other than that it is great. We are here in Dagupan right now at the church employment resource center. It is nice in here because it is free to use the comp and it is air con! yay!
Anyway this morning we had zone studies and we had a scripture chase it was so fun!
Our zone here in Dagupan is really great :)
This week sister Velasco and I held a special study for the sisters. We talked about having short and powerful lessons. All the sisters in our zone are so great and talented. They are so in tune with the spirit! I love them. Working with the sisters is the best responsibility to have :)
Also this week we had a great lesson with our investigator brother Rodrigo. He has had a hard time praying and asking Heavenly Father if Joseph Smith was a true prophet so last night we decided to invite him to pray during the lesson. We all knelt down and he prayed and asked. We were all quiet afterward just feeling what the spirit was telling us. We were silent for about 10 minutes. We had 2 branch missionaries with us that are preparing to serve missions soon. After being silent I realized that one of the branch missionaries was crying. Afterward we all shared how we felt. The one that was crying said he finally received the answer he had been waiting for. He has been asking and asking since he became a member and he received a sure answer now from the spirit at that time. Bro Rodrigo also said he felt so so happy and that he knew that being baptized was the right thing to do.
I am so grateful for the spirit! We cannot do this work without the spirit!
Also this week me and Sister Velasco were walking trying to find investigators when a few children started to follow us. This is normal I just smile and talk with them . The few turned into ten which turned into over 20!! They formed a parade behind us and were chanting and clapping "Americana! Americana!" over and over! It was so so cute. They were so so cute and were so exited to take a pic with me. I love them so much and I want to hug every one of them!

I am sorry for the short email! I love you all!!!
Tell Lacy I love her! I also got a dearelder from Kelly a while a go. Tell her i love her and I am praying for the success of Iain!
I love you all so much. 1 year can you believe it??? I cannot!
Sister Stapp