Monday, June 24, 2013

Sister Stapp in the Urdaneta Mission!!!

Hello family and friends!!
So transfers happened this week! So bitter sweet talaga. But I found out that I am in Urdaneta mission! It was a very intense transfer and interesting seeing who would be going up the mountain and who was staying in urdaneta. well I am still here in Manat B area. Sister Stokes got transferred :( She is in Rosales so at least she is still in urdaneta mission. So is sister Palmer so I am happy :) I miss my anak! sister stokes was such a wonderful companion and friend.
I miss her dearly. But I have a new companion! Fellow Sister Training Leader Sister Velasco! She is awesome. We are already really good friends and I just know this transfer will be so so great. Sister Naomi Velasco is from manila and is 25 years old. She is the oldest in her family and is very motherly and cute.
We are excited to be STLs over Dagupan Zone and Calasiao Zone. We will be conducting exchanges with 14 sisters and helping them with their challenges and concerns.
Because of the mission split we are getting part of Olongapo(sp?) mission. We are getting the Hundred Islands area which is like the most coveted area of all the phils. Pretty exciting! We received 27 new missionaries this transfer! The official split happens on July 1st!

Now that I am in Urdaneta mission the address is the same but instead of putting Baguio mission put Urdaneta mission...duh. haha.
Also This week we have many new investigators. I am so grateful to be companions with sister velasco. I am already learning so so much and improving in my teaching and finding.
Lets see what else happened. I am not sure if we are able to watch whatever you watched this week...I haven't heard anything about it. Pero hopefully we do.
Oh ya! This week we had stake conference it was really great! and powerful! There were messages about tithing and about being on time to church. I was so so happy because our investigator Brother Rodrigo came. He felt the spirit and will come again next week.
Yesterday we had an interesting experience. We preached by the way to a sister who is a member of another faith. She was welcoming to us but when we started the lesson, she also started hers. She was basically teaching us and having us read from the bible. She was obviously trying to prove that our church is wrong. We asked her why Jesus Christ was important in her life and she couldn't answer in her own words. she would only use bible verses to answer. We testified to her about prophets and continuous revelation. And she could not deny what we testified of so she always changed the subject.
I felt the power and authority as we testified. I know what we were saying is true an no one can deny it of falsify it. No one can because it comes from the spirit! It comes from God and not from the knowledge of the world!
I know this gospel is true with all my heart!
Love you.
New Companion--Leader Sisters!!!

Sister Stapp with the gang!

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