Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello my dears!
How are all of you doing? I am doing great and I am not transferred! yay!!! I am still here in Manat B and in Dagupan Zone. I am still with Sister Velasco and we are so so happy :)
We are looking foreword to this upcoming transfer!!! It will be a busy one. Last transfer we were over the sisters in Calasiao and Dagupan Zone. Now we are over the sisters in Lingayen, Alaminos, and Dagupan Zone. These zones are really spread apart so we will be traveling a lot! We are going to the Hundred Islands soon. Hopefully I get to see the beach! ! We are so excited and just have been planning like crazy on how we can help lift, encourage, and inspire the sisters.  We are going to make sure to take our vitamins everyday so that we don't die!
Speaking of vitamins, I have been taking antibiotics for the thing in my armpit. It hasn't come back i think that is a good sign. With the antibiotics my face has cleared up too! What face stuff did you send by the way?

This week we have seen many miracles. Yesterday for instance, we decided to go to the chapel early. We did not know why. We were there over an hour early! the sacrament meeting of the ward before us wasn't finished yet. we were sitting and thinking of what to do with our time when their sacrament meeting finished. They were all exiting and a sister missionary came up to us. She said "Sisters this is sister Ronnalyn! You can teach her right now if you have time!" Sister Ronnalyn lives in our area. She is a referral that we had been trying to get a hold of her for a few weeks. we were so happy to finally meet her! She was excited to be taught right then and there. She says she really feels the difference between this church and other churches. She is excited to meet again on Saturday. We were so so happy the spirit led us to the chapel early that morning! if we hadn't gone there we would never had met Ronnalyn!
Also this week Sister Velasco and I were supposed to be speakers in Sacrament. Then one of the branch presidency came and asked if just one of us could speak. We did rock,  paper, scissors and I won so Sis Velasco spoke :) She gave a powerful talk on the sacrament.
It is still raining every day and flooded in some areas. sorry no pics I have a virus on my card :( I hope my pics are OK. If I lost them I will cry!!! oh well...
hmmmmm...... OK there is one pic. It is from sister velascos card. I will have someone scan my card soon.
This week I cleaned the bathroom I scrubbed it really hard.....that was just this morning actually. Wow!
The Carrera family came to church again this week if you are wondering. There are progressing so well! yes! We will extend baptismal dates to their kids this week. I will let you know how it goes.

Q and A:
Do you have an address, or how do people find your house? People don't really come to our house, but most people know where we live. Filipinos are like that, they know everyone and where everyone lives.
  Is there branch directory so you know who to visit, or do you just ask people on the street? We have a branch directory but there is rarely a house number and if there is one, it is usually wrong. so we ask and ask and ask. it is a good opportunity to preach by the way.
  Are there many temple recommend holders in the branch? Ya there are! They are planning a temple trip for Oct.
  Any news on transfers? yes we have a ton of new faces in Dagupan zone. and more than half is sisters.
 Has my package shown up lately? not yet :(
 Have you been doing any traveling? Like I said we will be! We will be taking the trip to Alaminos every week.
 How is the work moving along in the branch? So great! there was another baptism last Saturday, and there will be two possibly 3 more in October! ya! I will keep you updated.
  Are all the missionaries as awesome as your and your companion?Yes!!!
Do some missionaries find it hard to work when it is so hot? It is not that hot these days. But 
Do you use your umbrella a ton? Yes I don't want skin cancer! I use it for rain and shine.
  How are your clothes, suitcases, shoes, supplies holding up? they are OK. The cloths are running out but I think I can survive until Jan. haha!
Well I love you all so so much! I haven't gotten any letters this week that's OK! I am so happy to be here on my mission. I love the Lord and I love the scriptures and I love my family. I love feeling the spirit everyday. I love helping people recognize the spirit in their life. Keep up all your amazingness.
How are the boys??? Can you tel them to email me? Are they going to seminary and stuff? are they preparing for missions? anyway! Also tell Rach to email me! I love her!
See ya!
Sister Stapp


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