Monday, July 15, 2013


Kumusta family and friends! I am happy to be able to email you again and share with you my week.
I love hearing from you and about all your trips and experiences. it is so great! This week.well this week started off great because we had zone interviews!! We were so privileged to see our Mission President and Sister Monahan and the Assistants. They all gave great workshops . We each had an interview with president which always is a good experience. president Monahan is so loving and kind and he always gives good tips on improvement. The way he helps us is by letting us think of solutions to problems ourselves. This interview I was expressing to him the hard time me and sis. Valesco are having in finding less actives. and he said, "so you are having trouble finding. Well lets read a scripture in Alma26:27" (you all should read it) we read the verse and that is all he said about it. I realized that no matter how hard the work is, we just have to keep going on and we will be successful . No Effort is wasted!! :)

Also at the interviews the assistants gave a great workshop where they had us each share our testimony and share why we came on a mission. It was so inspiring to hear everyone share and feel the spirit. I shared my testimony that i came on a mission because I know this is the true church of Christ and I know how lives are changed through the gospel. I am so happy to be here and serving the Lord at this time.

We are so happy this week because we have a new investigator named Brother Rudy. we went to his house looking for his less-active son. His son wasn't there so we shared a message with him. He was very receptive and quickly accepted the invitation to attend church. Then yesterday, he was at church!! He looked so happy there and welcomed. Turns out he knows many many members. They were all happy to see him and encouraged him to come back. He said he would come back :) it is so nice when the branch is so loving and welcoming!

Also this week we had a branch activity! We had a family movie night where we watched "The restoration" and "Together forever" We handed out invitations to all the members and out investigators. Out investigator Rodrigo was late he caught the end of "Together Forever" he was late because of work. But we were able to teach him after the movie night and he was happy about that. The members had a great time and ate popcorn and snacks. I am hoping the movie night will be a monthly thing now :)

Well I love you all and I am so happy i am here on my mission.
btw I received  your packages!
I love you grandma and grandpa! Your package was perfect. I love you so so much!

I also got a letter form Kate. Is she in London right now?

I got one from Kara! I love you!!

And from Stephen Griffin. Tell him thanks!

Sister Stapp

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