Sunday, October 13, 2013

Exchanges and More...

Hello all you wonderful people!!!
I am happy for the opportunity to be able to communicate with you again. I am so grateful for people like you who love me. I love you!
This week we have been, of course, running everywhere at once! We went to Dagupan for exchanges and also had exchanges with our house mates. I love having exchanges and being able to meet new people and see new places. The only thing about traveling i don't like is having to eat fast food a lot. I ate McDonald's twice this week!!@!
Anyway me and sister Velasco are so happy because we have a new investigator that is super amazing!! maybe I told you about her...sister Ronna. She is a referral that lives in Papaguyen. that is like the furthest barangay in our area! Anyway her boyfriend who is a member referred her. Before we even started teaching her she had been to church like 5 times and watched like all the church movies! It is awesome we really are just instruments. The spirit is converting her. We are just trying to see if she really wants to be baptized for the right reasons and not just because she is in "love." we think they are pretty serious though and they will be married in the temple. haha! Anyway, we extended an ibd to her for Nov 9. she is so happy and excited. She is cute and stylish and has braces. and 24. 
Our Ibds brother Bong and Jeffery are still excited for their baptism. we sort of lost contact this week with bro Jefferey because he went out of town...but we are trusting in the Lord that everything will work out. It is funny when you have investigators or recent converts, they become like your babies. Remember Brother Joven who was baptized in June? yesterday he didn't come to church! so of course we visited him. We were ready to chastise him! haha! turns out he got two front teeth pulled and is in extreme pain! I felt so bad I wanna hug him and buy him ice cream! but I cant....well maybe I can get the ice cream :)
We are half way through the transfer now who knows what will happen after this! will I be transferred? will I stay here for the rest of my mission!? no one knows! Pres Monahan is really unpredictable when it comes to transfers. I know his transfers come from the Lord. 
Me and sister Velasco have only traveled to the usual places, alaminos, lingayen, dagupan...nothing new. We did go though a new city Bugalion (sp) it has really pretty pics because we were in a bus that was probably going 100 miles ab hour. sometimes I feel like I am on a roller coaster when I ride the buss. we eat mcNuggets when we are in the buss. 
The sisters in our zone are all so sweet and amazing....sometimes though....when we are on exchanges I really miss my companion! I love sis velasco so so much! we finish each other's sentences. She has been such a great example to me and I have learned so so much from her about how to be a preach my gospel missionary. I hope we never have to be transferred haha!

I have been reading this week in my personal study about the second coming! I am in the Isaiah chapters of 2 nephi. It is all so exciting! it is amazing how the prophets of old prophesied about our day and missionary work and Joseph smith and everything! the book of Mormon blows my mind everyday. I love the words in 2 nephi 9:40. It talks about the wicked and the righteous. The wicked hate the truth and take it to be hard. the righteouse Love the truth and are not shaken! Let us all stand firm so we will Not be shaken! let us choose eternal life! Let us be Christlike and kind to one another each day. I know I am trying each day to be more like my savior. I love him so so much.  If we are trying to be like Jesus and we love means we will not be selfish and keep the gospel to ourselves. we are to share! At the Relief broadcast I learned a lot about covenant keeping. If we are covenant keepers we will spread the gospel and not leave it only to the missionaries!!! Lets go! we can do it! The Lord loves us and we love him..
I love you all so so much! Thank you for everything!
Sister Stapp

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