I am doing great and have had an eventful week! First of all some very sad news...the companion of Sister Fernando was called into the mission office on Tuesday. We think she is going back to Pakistan. We don't know why. I do know that Sister Fernando was having difficulties because her companion would not listen to her. Because of this I was the one assigned to stay the night with her the night before she left for the mission home to help her pack. It was sad to see another missionary leave the field early. Anyway we were a tri-some again! For the third time, but only for a week this time. Sister Fernando has a new companion now and we are happy for her. Now she can rest because her new companion has been here for a while.

Anyway we had zone interviews this week also. It is always good to hear from our president and his wife and the assistants. I did not know pres and his wife knew the Willis'! That is funny. Anyway they are so sweet. I asked Sister Monahan about the fish and she said fish is OK as long as it is fresh! yay!!! I can still eat fish! I had a great interview he challenged me to increase my preach by the way. I will do it! Preaching by the way is actually really fun once I get over myself and just do it! haha! He said something really great to me when I told him I get shy sometimes he said, "Sister Stapp, the worst thing that they could do to you is say something that will make you lose your testimony...Will that happen?" I answered "No of course not!" And that was the convo.-- it is true. All I need to do is open my mouth and it will be filled. I will still have my testimony no matter what!

Yesterday we were contacting less active members that we had never met before. We were going to visit the S______ family who lives right by the beach. When we finally got around to visiting them it was dark and we had no flash light! So we walked by faith. All of a sudden all these dogs started barking! it seemed like 10 dogs were surrounding us. suddenly they were charging at us and trying to bite our legs!!!!! Sister Sheila was fighting them off and I was trying to find a rock to throw at them. It was so scary! haha!!! finally one of the sons of the less active came out and walked us to the house with a big stick in hand fighting off the dogs. we got there safe and were able to teach a powerful lesson about enduring to the end. The family we met were really nice and sweet but they have let Satan take control of their family.

Family and friends, do not let Satan take control! he will only take control if you let him. Then you will forget the sacred covenants that you made at baptism and at the temple. You won't forget all at once but little by little. It might start with not reading your scriptures or thinking a bad thought. but when you realize you are doing these things, re-evaluate your self and change right away! Be the stronger one. We are always the stronger ones because we have our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on our side. I love you all so so much. I know this gospel is true and there is nothing that can convince me otherwise. I know the spirit I feel everyday is real and that my Heavenly Father loves me so much. I know he loves all of you!!!
Sister Stapp

Mom Got a package from the stapp grandparents tell them I love them and that I love everything they sent!
Also I got a dearelder from you and Savannah! Love you and daddy so so sossos much!
Hey Mommy thanks for the email! I am so happy for all your plays and activities! Tell Eliza I say happy bday!
Also read this sentance from your email.....read it again.....who did you hold??? haha!!! anyway...
"I had Abbott over yesterday, oh and Rachel came too (I totally ignore her when he is around). Ben was busy taking the LSAT (the test to get into law school). I held him for a few hours while he slept, which put me behind on everything I needed to do."

Let me know how the lumpia goes I love love love lumpia!
How is roberta? and kara? I am hopefully sending her a letter this week. let her know ok?