Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wonton Soup

If you are wondering about the subject line it is what I just had for lunch. Busog na Busog na ako!!! Masarap talaga. Anyway I love you all and I am happy to be telling you about my week.
So we started the week of course with transfer awareness meeting to find out who would be transfered! It is always so stressful waiting to see if you are going to be staying or going. Some
missionaries are suprised when they see their name up for transfer and some are expecting it. This time I was sort of expecting to see my name on there because I have been here in caba for 3 transfers now but nope! No transfer for me! Me and sister Dacuno will be together for at least one more transfer here in caba. I am happy because I love love love caba! It is where I feel at home. Of course
If I had gotten transfered I would have gone without a complaint because that is the Lords plan for me. With this transfer we got some new missionaries in our zone including Elder Contreras (he was in the MTC with me) and Elder Gemmel (a brand new missionary from new zealand) yay!
So on transfer day (Friday) we found out that Sister Yousuf (Sister Fernandos companion) is comming back from MRC. She will come back later today. This means Sister Fernando will be back in Aringay and we will be back working in Caba full time. It is nice to work with Sister Fernando. She is a great missionary and a great friend but it will be great to get back to normal and focus on our area.

On Saturday we were invited by Sister Monahan to a leadership training in Agoo. We helped her with her training the RS YW and primary presidencies on how they can find and help Less actives return to church and become active again. They also reviewed the area goals and discussed what each presidency can do to save the rising generation and help their young men serve missions.
So I am feeling healthy and strong. I am always tired but that is ok.   I am working hard! I have been eating lots and lots of veggies! cabbage, eggplant, beans, peas, carrots, and lots and lots more. Also lots of tilapia! My favorite.
At the Gatchallan's with our BML Bro Jimboy and one of our investigators in Aringay!

Our investigators are still doing great! Sister Len Len is reading and loves to meet with us. She still has not come to church though! We are praying for her and teaching her by the spirit to help her havce the desire to excersize her faith in Jesus Christ.

I have really enjoyed this month and cannot believe it is almost over!! This month the theme for our studies has been Endure to the end! I know enduring to the end is not just getting to the end of our mission or the end of our life. It is serving and staying temple worthy at all times. We need to serve the Lord with all our heart might mind and strength and always try to be like Him in all that we do. We are not perfect but we are striving for perfection. I know if we strive every day we can become like him someday. Like him and our Heavenly father. That is just amazing to me! We can have all that our Father has and live in the celestial kingdom with Him and with our families. Be happy forever if we make all the effort we can today. Something I ask myself everyday is "Did I do my absolute best?" Some days I do well others I could do better but I know where I can improve. Enduring to the end takes daily sometimes hourly self-evaluation. If you want to see how you can improve and become like Christ I suggest studying the Christlike attributes chapter in PMG it is helpful and has a self evaluation survey at the end. Do it!! It helps me a lot.

Anyway I am still having great adventures and love preaching the gospel to the people here. Pray for me that I will continue to have the gift of toungues! It is comming!
I love you all and pray for you every day several times.

I got a letter from grandpa jensen and from you today! and one from cait :)))

Preparing the fish.
The threesome!

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