Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years Filipino Fiesta

Happy New Year everyone!

I cannot believe it is already 2013 and I have almost been here for 6 months! They say after 6 months the time flies. It is going by too fast already I cannot imagine how the time could fly any faster. I am so happy to be here and blessed to be called to serve the Lord.

This week has been great! Of course it started our great because I got to talk to you all on the phone!
I loved hearing all your voices. I miss you all so so much.

New Years Eve was an interesting night. Of course we are obedient missionaries so we turned off the lights and went to sleep at 10:30...or at least we tried! the Filipinos love to party! There were fireworks and karaoke and screaming and yelling going on from 9pm to 2:30 am. ha ha! I got about two hours of sleep. But luckily the Lord helped me be awake and ready for the full day of work the next day. We are teaching lots of new investigators and new less active members.

This week we were so lucky to have a zone study with President Monahan! He came to Agoo and taught us about effective studies and also about faith. He taught us that the thing that most investigators and less actives lack is faith. If we teach them about faith and how to nurture their faith, they will be motivated to act and to come to church and to repent. Sister Dacuno and I are giving a workshop tomorrow in district meeting on this topic tomorrow i am excited!

President also told us about all the exciting things happening in the mission. In March there will be two transfers and 65 missnionaries coming in!!! He told us that Caba and Aringay will probably be getting new missionaries! This means there will be 8 sisters in Aringay Branch! This is so exciting I am so grateful for this and I hope it really does happen. Aringay and Caba used to be separate wards. With more missionaries and more member support we can help Caba become a ward again!

We also got a new branch mission leader this week Brother Jaime. Brother Bernie got released because he is the Ward Clerk and the BML so it was a little too much for him to handle. Brother Jaime is preparing to serve a mission so we are excited to start training him :)

Well that is about all I have time for. We are doing great here and love you all!

P.s. Sorry this email took so long for me to send! The power went out for a few hours. but I am sending it now :)

Love love love,
Sister Stapp

pps. The picture is of me wearing a traditional Pakistani dress. Sister Yousuf from Pakistan let me try it on! fun!

How is the work going? 
Great! it is hard but good. We are finding new people to teach. Still have no baptismal dates set but we are working towards some. our investigator that we were really hoping to set a date for is no longer taking the lessons because her dad ( a less active member) said she had to stop :( We are facing challenges but not losing hope!!

Will you be in Caba at the next transfer? When do you find out?

I am not sure...I will find out at the end of this transfer. More than likely I will be here still because they are probably going to split my area into two.

Did you get any letters this week?
I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Stapp! and one from Jake and a Christmas card from Cindy :)))

Are you feeling strong and healthy?
For the Most part yes!

Has your time in the mission field flown by quickly or do you feel like you have been there forever?
Both!!! When I think about how long I have been here it blows my mind that it has gone by so so fast. Yet it feels like a lifetime since I was in the MTC
Did I tell you that Nicole Hogge is going to the Philippines?
No but Cindy told me! Tell her that she will love it and not to be nervous. Just embrace the culture and love the people.

How are your clothes holding up, do you need to buy more?
I need to buy more. I just ripped my favorite skirt. The pink one with the big pockets. It got caught in the fan. And I just ripped another one while getting into a tryke. I need shirts though my shirts don't hold up very well even the ones I buy here. I will work on that I am surviving though.

Did the shirts I sent the ones you wanted?
Yes! thanks! they are a little tight. i think I told you to sent mediums because I have gained weight but that is ok. they work :) I love you


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