Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello Mga Kaibigan

Hello flamly,

I am so glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you again. you all bring me so much happiness. i am still happy and healthy and working hard. Luckily I am still in good health. I have been eating fish a lot ( you know fish is my favorite) and it is not until a few hours ago that I found out that it is forbidden for foreigners to eat sea food! Well that made me sad but I am grateful that the Lord has protected me from whatever might have been in the fish I have been eating. Sorry if my English is weird it is getting very difficult to speak English. Anyway we are having a great pday. We started with a district study. My DL is Elder Gojo Cruz. His Companion is Elder Amataga from Samoa. They are great elders. We practiced preaching by the way today! I love practicing PBW because it is where I struggle the most. After that we had a Zone lunch at the Gatchallians! Delicious!

This week has been challenging. We are searching and searching for a new apartment. I am not sure if I told you this last time. But if so just know we are still searching! We are praying that we find one that fits the requirements. It is so hard though. most houses here are unfinished when people rent them out. Or they are just renting our rooms. We are also searching for new investigators! As always. We had no new investigators this week :( a little discouraging but at least we know we are still doing our best and we have another week!

We do have a success story this week and that is Sister Melinda and Bro Henry. Sis Melinda is an investigator who is so interested. She reads and prays. But she hasn't come to church because she wants to come with Henry who is a Less active member. This week they finally came to church!!! the two of them! Bro Henry said he felt the spirit. He also said he knows that the sabbath is the lords day. We are so happy for them and pray that they will continue to progress.

Also this week we were able to have dinner at sister Lael's house. She is the relief society president. Her husband Bro Larry (former branch president of caba) just got home from working in the middle east for 2 years! we are very happy he is home. he is a strong priesthood leader. He came with us to give a member a blessing who is having problems with her husband. While he blessed her I felt the power of the priesthood. I felt the spirit testify to me that the priesthood is the same no matter where you are in the world :) I am so grateful for the priesthood power that was restored through Joseph smith. I love this gospel and i love all of you! Keep up your missionary efforts back home! Read your Book of Mormon every day ha?
sige po!! Mahal ko kayo!!
Sister Stapp

ps. So grandpa said he wanted me to send a message to him for his sunday school class. Can you tell him if you talk to him that I will send it next week? I have not enough time right now.
Also I got letters from
cuvillers (sp?)
I love you so sososososos much. Tell daddy that i love him and sammy and al and rachie and bennie and ab....

ps. also idk if you are planning on sending a package for my bday but if you are i just have a few requests.
Foot socks - none here are sturdy enough
Nail polish - a nice neutural color. preferably a good brand like essie
more gum! - bubble mint.
thans I love you so much!!!!!!!!

ps.  :)))) ummmmmm not to frighten yo or anything but we just had an earthquake. just a little one. sorta scary.

At the Branch Presidents Place for Lunch
To market, to market

Zone Meeting
Beach Boats

 Zone Pday Luncheon!

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