Monday, January 14, 2013

Making Advances

Magandang hapon family and friends! I love you all so so much! I am doing great this week as always and am loving it here in the Phils still. My companion Sis Dacuno and I have had a great week of hard work! We had a total of 29 lessons this week. We are working a lot with Sister Sheila who is one of our best branch missionaries. Sis Sheila just got her mission call to Quezon City North! She reports to the Philippines MTC on March 1st. We are so so so excited for her! Of course I was hoping she would get called to Cali but oh well. She works with us almost everyday. It is good training for her she will be such a great missionary in the field.

Investigator Story: So one of our investigators , Sister _______, She is progressing really well, she reads and prays and loves to learn. She has not been able to come to church yet but we are hoping for this week. We taught her about the fall of Adam and Eve the other day and how we know it was part of God's plan and without it the plan would not be able to be fulfilled. She was amazed and so happy about the way we view the fall. I asked her how she felt and she said she felt happy because she has always blamed Adam and Eve for her problems. But now she knows God's plan is perfect and He has a specific plan for her and her family. She started asking about baptism after that. She really wants to get baptized but she and her husband are not married. It would be nice if they could get married but they both have previous spouses that they are still legally married to. Since there is no such thing as divorce,  just annulment, they cannot get annulment with their previous spouses because it is very very expensive. Anyway maybe a miracle will happen that will help them get baptized. In the meantime we will pray and fast and teach :) We are having FHE at her house tonight.

Another great story is that this week the Relief Society had an activity with the theme "Rescuing the One" They all invited a non-member friend or a less active member that they know. We were able to get a lot of referrals and meet lots of new people. I am so proud of our Relief Society here in Aringay branch. They are working hard to establish the church here in the Phils.

Speaking of establishing the church, we were so privileged to hear our area presidency speak over satellite on Saturday. Elder Teh, Elder Ardern....and the other member of the presidency, introduced the area goals. The goals are to strengthen families, rescue the one, Save the rising generation, establish the church, and daily scripture study. These goals are going to help the branches increase attendance and help families get to the temple to be sealed. They also emphasized the importance of mission prep and temple prep for ysa. I am excited for 2013 it will be a great productive year in the Philippines.

I have not eaten anything unusual lately.......I have been eating a lot of different things though, jackfruit, sinigang, seaweed it is all delicious :) I think I am eating healthy. I have been eating a lot of candy because Grandma sent it haha! I just ran out of Hot Cheetos and Almond Roca :((( haha! I eat pancit canton a lot which is like top ramen but way way better.

So tomorrow is Zone training so I will probably get letters then. None so far this week we will see tomorrow. I am sending a letter to Aunt Cindy and Elder Souza this week.

Funny story this week: So I gave a talk this week in sacrament meeting about keeping the sabbath day holy. It went really well all after giving my talk I gave a little time to say thanks for all the love we get from the branch. After sacrament meeting one of the old men in the ward came up to me. Bro Alfred is always so sweet and kind I shook his hand. He asked me if I was leaving. I said no I will probably still be here for a few months. He then asked if I had a boyfriend . Taken back I said with a smile of course not brother I am a missionary! He said " Ako na lang!" which means--How about me!  I told him that is not allowed and I am too young.  I laughed and ran to catch up with my companion :) hha!!!

Anyway out of time I love you all and hope you are well. I love this gospel so so so so much. I am so grateful for the example of Jesus Christ in my life. Make sure you read PMG and BOM every day!!!!!!!
Sister Stapp

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