Monday, January 21, 2013

Howdee Do!

Kumusta family that I love so much! Am so happy to hear from you always and hear all your daily activities.

I am doing very well here in the Phils. This week has been interesting! I am in a tri-some again with Sister Fernando and Sister Dacuno. Sister Fernando's companion sister yourself went to Manila to the missionary recovery center to hopefully gain weight. She is a vegetarian and it is really hard to be one here. No one really cooks vegetarian. So she left on Wednesday. We have not heard if she is coming back or going home. So we are working in Caba and Aringay again! We only have one week until transfers.....well less! transfers are on Friday! Ah! anyway....none of us are training so we will just wait until Wednesday to find out if we are being transferred or not. I don't know what is in store for me but I hope I get to stay in Caba. I am happy here. But of course whatever the Lord has planned for me is ok with me! We are also working hard to find an apartment here in Caba that will house more missionaries! It is hard to find one that fits the standards but with the Lord's help we will be able to do it.

I love love love missionary work. I am working hard each day to become more Christlike so that I can testify with power and authority. I feel more power and authority each day as I work to improve my knowledge and my testimony. We are teaching a new family the Torres family. They were referred to us by President of the district presidency. Sister Lourdes is really interested but has so many questions! I wish we could answer them all at once but of course we have an order to all things we do. I think she is tired of us saying "Sa susunod na lesson, sasagotin namin." of "Next lesson we will answer your question" I hope she remains patient while we teach her line upon line!

Anyway.....not much more to write this week....working in two areas is tiring but the Lord is helping us have strength and fulfill our duties.
In this internet shop they are playing Jonas Brothers!! Talk about distracting! That is a hard thing about here in the Phils...they play their music so loud! While we are studying in the morning our neighbor plays Blackeyed Peas full blast. I just hum hymns or read out loud quietly to stay focused. Ahhh! I wish I had more to write you but I am running our of time already. I just want to tell you that I love you and I love the temple.
My companion and I were discussing the blessings of the temple the other day and the spirit testified to me that the temple is a holy place. I longed to go there again. I cannot wait till I can go inside again!!!
Anyway I love ya!
Sister Stapp

1. Any letters this week?
I got a Christmas card from Megan and one from grandpa :)

2. Are you being transferred soon?
Transfers are this weekkkk!!1 I will not know if I am being transferred until Wednesday at the transfer awareness meeting.

3. Any new teaching going on?
We are teaching a new family. A referral of one of our district presidency. They are interested and willing to listen and learn. They used to go to Iglesia ni cristo and have lots and lots of questions.

4. Does it continue to cool down?
Yes it is not as hot as it used to be. It is usually cooler in the evenings of course.

5. When does the rainy season begin?I think in June....or July.... not sure everyone says something different.

6.Are you making friends with the kids?
They are always touching my hair and stuff. We were just eating at Jollybee and a little girl told her mom she wanted a pic of me. But her mom wouldn't let her.
They basically love me because they say I look like a barbie. I wish I could talk to the kids more but they mostly only speak Illocano :(

7. What books are you studying?
The BOM! haha! basically and PMG and I have been reading lots of conference talks lately.

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