Monday, December 10, 2012

Zone Hike! No Typhoon!

Friends and family!!!
Hello! All is well over here. If you are wondering, no we did not get any typhoon over here. Just some rain. It sounds though like it has been devastating. We will pray for those who are suffering from the aftermath. Well things are doing great over here! It is December and still as hot as a really hot place! We are working very hard still and loving the work each day. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve each day and participate in the work of the Lord. I feel the spirit strongly as I teach and as I share my testimony. I know it is not me speaking, but the Holy Ghost putting the things I need to say in my heart and in my mind. As I have been working on my listening skills my teaching has improved! I am working on listening to the spirit and really listening to my investagators. Since I have been making a consious effort we have seen fruits! We have many new investigators!!!

One in particular is sister Melinda. She is a sister in-law of brother Roy, a recent convert. After teaching bro Roy one day she came out and started to talk to us. She wanted to know when we were going to teach her!! We were suprised and said well we can come back tomorrow! haha. We gave her a reading assignement and it has been all up hill from there. She reads consistently and came to church for the first time this week. She said afterward that she has found her church. She said there are a lot of things in her life that she wants to change. We are happy for her decision to change and are here to help her do so. It might be a while till she is baptized but she is on her way to greatness. I know the Lord loves her and is strengthening her :)

Also this week we have been able to have many FHEs at the homes of less actives. FHE's are a fun and effective way to remind a less active family that they are loved by the ward and loved by their Heavenly Father. The other night we had an FHE with all of our recent converts! It was so fun and good bonding time for them.

So this week we were able to watch the Christmas devotional!!! I am so happy when I listen to the words of the prophets. I felt the spirit strongly when the choir sang about my Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the Christmas season and I hope you all have a happy and joyful one :)

So today is pday!!! And also zone activity day!!! We went on a long hike with our whole zone. It was beautiful! So green and jungly. But it was also very hot and steep. I think I lost 10 pounds in sweat alone! hha! But masaya pa din. Our Zone is very fun the elders are all really nice and funny. It is like a big family :)

The Zone Hike!

Questions answered:
Cindy wants to know if you got her letter?
Yes!! I got it ths week!! I was hoping to write her back this week but because of the activity I have no time. I will soon though. Love you Aunt Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandma wants to know if you got her package?
Not yet. I will probabluy at transfers.

Who else have you heard from?
This week I got dearelders from you. Letters from Cindy and two from grandma :) that is it :)

Are you getting along with your companion? (she is a very cute girl)
Yes!!!!! Sister Cabrera is the best ever. I will be sad when she leaves me in less than a week. We are good friends and work good together as a team :)

What will you do on Christmas day?
Not sure. We have an early curfew.

How is the weather?
HOT HOT HOT HOT!!! and a little bit of rain.

How is your health?
Good I guess. I dont feel sick. I feel tired but that is missionary life eh?

That is all I have time for!!! I love you so so so sos so much!!! Sorry again it is short.
Mom can you ask Savannah for Melissa Snell's adress. I have been wanting to write her but I don't now where to send!!!
Remeber to pray and read palagi!!!
Sister Stapp

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