Monday, December 3, 2012

Be Baguio

Magandang Hapon!!

I am in Baguio City right now! It is nice and cool up here in the mountains. The bus ride up was 1.5 hours and very very windy. The lady I was sitting next to gave me a banana to eat so I gave her a pamphlet about the restoration. She read the whole thing on the way up the mountain. she said she had no questions about it but I told her if she did, to ask the missionaries! I am becoming more comfortable now with "Preach by the Way" now that I am getting better at conversational tagalog.
So the reason why my companion and I are in the city right now is because my camera broke earlier this week. Yes the new camera that I just bought at target was accidentally dropped by my dear companion Sis Cabrera. Luckily though we got permission to take it to a repair shop here in Baguio. It is the closest to Caba. It is fixed now for 1000 pesos. So sorry if there are not a lot of pics this week.

So this week has been another week of work! We are working really hard on finding new investigators through the members and by looking in our area book for past investigators. We just lost two more Ibd's this week. Sister Donna and Brother Mark. We had chosen a date and everything for them Jan 12. but they are not yet married. They really wanted to be baptized Jan 12 but their families didn't want them moving their wedding date to Jan instead of April. They decided to wait till april to be baptized so their families would not be upset. We are sad but happy for April! They are very commited and come to church every week. Sister Donna feels the spirit so strongly when she reads the Book of Mormon and Mark is really excited to be sealed to her and their new baby (due in Jan) someday.

This week we have been so so so blessed to have so many different branch missionaries work with us. We are now being able to match branch missionaries to the needs of the investigators and it makes all the difference in the conversion process for the investagator. It is also really great because we have had our recent converts working with us a lot! Brother Jomar, a recent convert, worked with us for the first time last night and he did so well! He testified of the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. It makes me so happy to hear the testimonies of Rc's they are so plain and simple and powerful!

So Baguio Mission is all a buzz because of all the new missionaries to be arriving within the next two transfers! I am excited because we might be getting two new sisters in Caba area! We need it here in Caba. Back in the day Caba was it's own ward! With two new sisters we will be able to double the work and help Caba become the great ward it once was :) I am excited for what is to come, but also sort of nervous. With all these new missionaries my chances of training are getting higher! Training would be difficult but a good learning experience for me. We will see what happens.
hmmmmm what else I don't have that much time. Sorry again it is so so short! I love you all and Thank you for your love and support!!!!

Mom I did not recieve any letters this week but I did get your small package!! Thank you so much everything in there made me so so happy. Especially the notes from you and alex and the mac and cheese! I love you so much! Dad I love you so much!

I love hearing about your life and about what is going on back at home.

Pic explain: FHE at a recent converts house. We played a fun game that I have no time to explain!!!!

Sister Stapp

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