Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sister Stapp wins the Spelling Bee!

Maligayang Pasko!!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It is Christmas Eve here in the Phils!

Everyone is a hustle and a bustle shopping. The streets are packed with people and vendors one can hardly move it is so crowded!! I am excited to spend my first Christmas here in the Philippines. It will be different but fun. Today and tomorrow we have a 6pm curfew because of all the partying that will be going on. We will spend the night at the Aringay sisters apt so we can have a happy Christmas time with them. I am excited because we are planning on making spaghetti and lumpia!! Yay!


So this Friday we had the great opportunity to attend the Christmas trizone conference in Baguio!! It was so great to see a few of my MTC mates.  Pres. and Sis Monahan were there and so were the assistants. They had a workshop planned for us on extending baptismal invitations and Pres. Monahan spoke on the importance of obedience. It was so so great. I love hearing from our President. He is so wise and I learn so much. I want to be 100% obedient so I can testify with 100% power and authority. After the workshops we ate lunch! It was so good. Sister Gina who happens to be in my branch catered. She is a wonderful cook and like a second mother to us missionaries. There was chicken, fish,veggies, a chocolate fountain and of course endless rice!!! There was not an empty stomach in the room. After the food we watched "A Christmas Carol" it was fun. That movie always makes me want to be a better servant of God. I want to make others happy this Christmas season and all throughout my life.
Missing an "S", neverless it is true!

Also this week, on Saturday, we were able to attend the Aringay branch Christmas party!! It was a fun fun time. So many games and performances from all the auxiliaries. There was a spelling game and I won by spelling the word Nagsisipagsinusinugnalingan. It is a really long word that means telling lies. haha!! I won a cup :)

So the teaching is going well. Sis Dauno and I are finding lots of new people to teach. We just started teaching a lady named Len len. She has a baby and is pregnant with another. She is a neighbor of a member and was curious about what we believe. We have only taught her once but we feel there is potential there. We are a little sad because Sister Nova has informed us that she wants to discontinue the lessons. Did I already tell you this? Oh well she is having a hard time because most of her friends are less active members. We planted a seed but maybe it is another missionaries job to harvest. Anyway we are moving on to the truly elect:)

So I am still doing really well I am studying so so so so hard. The gospel the language everything because chances are I will be training this next transfer!!!! Sis. Monahan told me there are quite a few sisters coming in and it is more than likely that I will train.Well that is coming from the mission presidents wife!!! I need to prepare! I am praying and striving each day for the knowledge and strength. I am so happy to be serving a mission and helping the work of the Lord move foreward.
I have been reading in Alma lately about Ammon and all those missionaries. Their examples are so good for me and I strive each day to become powerful like them. I love the scriptures and all I learn from them. Everyone reading this--I hope you are reading the Book of Mormon each and every day. I know it is the Word of God and translated by the prophet Joseph Smith!!!!

 I love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!

Mom:I relieved a letter from Kate Clark this week. tell her I love her!!!!
Also tell everyone that I love them~! I
Daddy. Merry Christmas!!!! I love you so so so sos much!!!!!!

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