Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Companion for Christmas

How is everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday spirit in the states! I sure am here in the Phils. The streets are filled with vendors selling anything and everything for Christmas gifts. The children are caroling for money and the houses have lights on them. They have had lights up since September but now that it is Christmas time it just feels right. The weather isn't changing it is still hot. haha! I am sweating like a pig as I type this email. But that is just life in the Philippines.

This week we had a Christmas dinner at the Fullmers!!! It was so so good :) We ate lasagna and rice of course. Also had deviled eggs! yum. The Fullmers are such a great couple we are so blessed to have them here in Aringay branch.
Christmas dinner!

So this week was transfer week!!! So on Wednesday we found out that Sister Cabrera was being transfered. We were expecting it but it was still so so sad. I love sister Cabrera. She was a great trainer and example to me of what an obedient missionary should be like. She got transfered to Dagupan on Friday and I got a new comp sister Dacuno!!! She is my followup trainer and she is so great :) It is a little difficult to adjust to a new companion because we are not used to each others teaching yet. But we are adjusting quickly and I think this will be a great transfer. Sister Dacuno does not speak as much English as Sister Cabrera did so I am finding that I am speaking a lot more and becoming more fluent. Sister Dacuno has the most long beautiful black straight hair. haha. She is 32 years old and is from somewhere near Manila, she has been here for a year.

So since I am the comp that has been in Caba all this time I am leading the area!!! It is a challenge. I am not as organized as I should be. Sister Cabrera was so organized and knew where everything was. I am learning and following the spirit to know where to go and when to teach certain people. It is a challenge! I already said that but it is true! Anyways I need to learn now in case I train next transfer which is likely with all the new missionaries coming in.

The work here is going well still. We are focusing on finding new investigators and retaining our recent converts. The hardest part is that there is no addiction recovery class here in the phils. So a lot of our recent converts have gone back to their old addictions this week. We are helping them to repent and encouraging the elders quorum to get involved in helping them. I will keep you updated. We are also fasting and praying for their success.

Well I hope you are all well! I love hearing from you and thanks for all the love and support!

Alam ko po na ang gawain na ito ay gawain ng diyos. Alam ko po na Buhay po si Jesus Christ at sa pammagitan siya latah tayo ay maaaring maging maligtas. Kailangan natin maging masunurin at mapagkumbaba. Mahal na mahal tayo ng diyos! At mahal na mahal ko kayo!!
Early Morning Run

1. Did you get our package?
Yes! I did I got yours and the one from grandma stapp. Tell them I say thanks and I opened it! I love all the treats they are just what I need :) I love them. I did not open yours yet. I cant wait!!!!
2. Tell us all about your knew companion.
See above
3. Are you feeling fluent in the language more?
See above
4. Do you use your Tagalog scriptures much?
Yes! during language study I read and during lessons I have tagalog and english open
5. How much do you walk each day, or do you mainly use motorized transportation?
We walk quite a bit I don't know the distance. We usually take tricycles to far places.
6. Are the people pretty receptive and friendly?
Yes! They are very friendly. People are very willing to accept us and feed us even if they don't know us. haha!
There are a few Less actives that hide and wont let us in their homes but for the most part the people here are very loving and kind:)
7. Are you still singing?
I taught a choir class this sat to the Young women :)))) it was difficult I have never taught before but they kinda were able to sing alto and soprano haha!!
8. Are you learning some new recipes to cook?
Ummmmmmmmm not really I should though. thanks!! on second thought. yes. Lumpia!!

Mom: this week I got letters from you (dearelders) One from Kara :) and one from Grandpa Jensen :)
oh and one form the young men. Also I will be calling you on the day after Christmas which will be your Christmas day. Because the Fullmers wont be home until the day after Christmas. I forgot to figure out the hours.... I will tell you next Monday the hour I will call. I don't know what to do though because Rachel wont be with you. I have one hour to talk. Also I am glad you got my letter :) I love you so so much!!

ps. Also tell Grandma and Grandpa Stapp that I love them and am thinking about them. I know Uncle Mike is happy :)

ps. Tell daddy and the boys that I love them!!

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