Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Phone Call (or more like New Years PHone Call)

Hello fam!!
So this email is gonna be really short because well I just talked to you on the phone. haha!!
But I just forgot to say some things. First of all I forgot to say to send my love to all the family all the cousins and everyone.

Also I want you to send my love to Kara, Kate, Cole, Natalie, John, The Lees, and everyone else at church. I love them all and I was going to tell this to you on the phone but I forgot.

Anyway I just want to thank you for your sweet words on the phone and your support I love you so so much and I feel your prayers each and every day. I could not do this without you!

So this week has been great just like I said we are working hard to find new investigators to teach! We are praying hard to find the ones that have been prepared and are ready to learn and accept. I am happy to be doing the Lord's work and becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

I don't have much to say except that I love you andI know I told you this before boys but make sure you read the Bof M and PMG everyday. Say you will do it, write it down, then do it! I know it will help you prepare and start becoming the missionary you are meant to be early on. I am so proud of you all and all your successes and blessings. It makes me happy to know you are all being blessed because of your faithfulness.

Christmas was great! I loved your package and everything in there. I ate mac and cheese the other day and it tasted so so so good!

I am sending along a picture of me with my new skirt and my christmas socks! I think they match perfectly!!!

New Christmas Skirt and Socks

Thank you again for the packages and love.
Mahal Kita!
Sister Stapp

Mom Something else I forgot to ask you....did something go wrong with the music you put on the flash drive for me? There are only 18 songs it seems and they are instrumental primary songs.  I love you. But I was kinda hoping you would put MY music on. Like the stuff I have in my Itunes. Oh well.
p.s. Those dresses are soooooo cute!!!!! That is one hot mama!!! (Julia was referring to Rachel's new Christmas dresses, we sent pics to her)

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