Monday, March 4, 2013


Kumusta family! (and friends who are also reading!)

Hope you all had a great week. I hope you are all safe and happy and reading your scriptures.
I am happy! We had transfer awareness on Wednesday and it was very suspenseful. Our zone leader Elder Olson from Canada had us all vote who would be transferred. We all voted and ended up with 8 names including mine. Of course everyone voted me because I have been here almost 6 months. So Elder Olson told the 8 to bare their testimonies. It is tradition that the transferees always bare their testimony before they leave. So we did so. It was hard because we didn't know if it was for real or not! So after we were done and after a few tears. Elder Olson introdused the twist. we had voted 8 names but only 3 are actually getting transferred! So then he told us who they were and it wasn't me. Yes I am still here in Caba! Still here with sister Dacuno :) I was so suprised I was sure I would be transferred but oh well. Sister Palmer my mtc companion is training this transfer in Urdaneta. I am happy for her she will do great.
Food news!!! I ate Balut this week! Yes I did it. I had to becuse it was sister Sheilas last day! (she left for the mtc) It was actually ok. First you suck the juice out. which is good. Then you eat the chick. I ate it in the dark and in 3 pieces. it was not that good. I almost didn't do it. but i have to do it at least once right! then after the chick you eat the yolk. just tasted like egg. the chick had feathers and feet and eyes and everything! not even my companion has eaten a chick! I am more Filipino than she is! haha. That is is for the food news. back to you stan.
Temple news! Aringay Branch had their temple trip this week we are so happy because our recent converts were able to go! Sister Rose who has been baptized for just a year recieved her own endowment and she is so happy! Also Bro Freddie who will be baptized for a year later this month went and was baptized for his parents. It is amazing how the blessings of the temple can strengthen ones testimony. Just looking at sister rose and bro freddie I can tell they have been to the temple and felt the spirit there. the whole branch was buzzing this sunday because of what they had all seen and felt there. I cannot wait to go back to the temple!

Investigator news! Our investigators are all progressing and interested still. They are reading and praying. But, we had no investigators attend Sacrament Meeting this week! :( we were sad. It is hard when no one that says they will come comes. It is something we just need to go through on the mission. We are devestated when it happens, but it does not mean we give up. We just try harder to teach them the importance of church attendance. We teach through the spirit so they will understand and feel also the importance.

Lets see other details for mom, we mopped the floor last night. It was fun. ummm...we had ham for lunch yesterday. Oh also the other day I was in the bus and "Only Hope" was playing on the bus full blast! It made me think of you daddy! I love you!I love this work! It is not easy but it is worth it! It is challenging some weeks we have no new investigotors or sometimes they don't come to church but we always move foreward and always keep the faith. We are led by the spirit and we are endowed with power and authority. I know this church is true and I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet called of God. I know we have a Heavenly Father who has a perfect body of flesh and bone. I know He has a Son who is Jesus Christ who is perfect and lives! I love them and I love my family. I am so grateful for you all and for your support and love. Keep moving foreward!
Sister Stapp

me sweeping. hha!!
Sister leaving on her mission.

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