Monday, March 18, 2013

Huli na ako!!!


Sorry this email is so so late! We had a zone activity today that took a while. It was really fun though! We cleaned the chapel and then ate food and then watched 17 Miracles! Of course I was bawling. I love that movie. It is amazing the things the early saints went through to be able to get to the Salt Lake Valley to attend the temple. I will always be grateful for their strong testimonies and endurance.

So this week has been great! We had exchanges on Wednesday. We exchanged with the sisters in San Fernando zone. Sister Dacuno went to work in San Juan and I stayed here in Caba. Sister Lim came to work with me. She is from valenswela (sp?) and has been in the field for 2 weeks! It was so fun to work with her. She is a good missionary. Working with her gave me a little taste of what it will be like to train. I was also able to see how much I have improved and what I still need to improve on! I realized that I still have things to work on but I think I can handle training :) I am grateful for these exchanges.

Also this week we are so happy because one of our less- active families that haven;t been to church in years came to church yesterday! The S__________ family are sealed in the temple and used to be active but it has been years. We have been teaching and teaching them helping them build their faith. The mom seemed to have lost hope and seemed to have lost the desire also to attend church. But yesterday we were so surprised and happy to see them. They were happy too!

We are teaching Sister N___ (former investigator) again. She came to church suddenly again and said she wants us to teach her. Her heart has been softened and she is more accepting of the Book of Mormon.

Oh speaking of the BofM I spoke in sacrament this week! I spoke about the Book of Mormon and how it is the greatest gift to mankinD in our time. I love the BofM so so so much. I love reading it everyday. I am so grateful for the example of my parents. They always read every day and encouraged me to do so also. I didn't always listen to them but now I will!! I cannot live without this book!

I received lots of mail this week. My birthday package! No I have not opened it. The Easter card! I love the eggs and all the fun notes! Sofia, Nick, Michael, Anthony and Rachelle!!! I love you and your notes made me laugh and cry. You are lights in my life. Sofia congrats on your first place! You are wonder woman! Also I got letters from Grandma and Grandpa Stapp. Kate. Bailey and Shelby.
and of course your Easter letter.

Anthony : Oh nuthin much just preaching the gospel you know same ol' same ole
Alex: Sure I guess you can use it but only if you email me every week!
Sam: Yes the church is true!!! Are you still swimming?

Sooooo anyway I want to tell you that I love you all so so so much. and I have officially been on the mission for 8 months!!! Ahhhh!! the time goes by too to tooo fast. make it stop! Anyway thank you for your prayers and love. I pray for all of you often and will continue to do so. Keep reading the Book of Mormon. This book is a blessing from God that we should cherish and never waste by leaving it on the shelf.
Sister Stapp

1. Any fun adventures this week?
Spiders!!! I walked into the bathroom to shower and found a suprise! A huge spider! Bigger than queen elizabeth! I sceamed and it crawled up to the cieling. 

2. What about the ward, do they have activities? Do you go?
The branch doesn't have activities that much, but the Relief Society does! We attend sometimes if we have an investigator or if they invite us specifically or if there is food....haha joke.

3. Do you teach classes at the church, like Gospel Principles?
There is a gospel principles class...if the teacher is not there the branch mission leader teaches...if he is not there we teach!

4. Are you feeling strong and healthy?
Yes! I get headaches because of the heat sometimes but water is the key! Also my ear acts up but otherwise I am fine!!!

5. Are there any holidays the Filipinos are celebrating there?
It seemes like the Filipinos have a holiday everyother day. They are always celebrating some national heroes bday. The kids are out of school often for these holidays.

p.s. Sis Dacuno recieved your letter and was so so happy :) you can send her another if you want!
What are the emails of sarah and rachelle?
I got a dearelder from you and Sarah!!! Tell Sarah I love her so so much and tell
Tyler that we don't have an oven but we have a toaster and a stove! haha!! I love you

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