Monday, February 25, 2013

Halo Halo

Kumusta Family!! I love you.

I just ate a halo halo! it was delicious! Halo halo is a Filipino dessert with coconut, shaved ice, jelly things, bananas, ube ice cream, beans, rice crispies, pineapple, it is called halo halo because that means mixed! it has every thing mixed into one! I forgot to take a picture :( Eating here is the phils is really a pleasure. Usually when we eat it is with a spoon and fork but when we eat at places like the Lorenzo's or just at home we eat with our hands! You know I love eating with my hands! It is an art here in the Philippines to eat with your fingers.  When I first got here, I despised tuyo, which is dried fish. Now I love it! My taste buds are adjusting!

Anyways this week has been great! We have 5 new IBDs!! Three of those are the children of Sister Domingo. She is a less active member that is returning! She really loves the gospel and wants her family to be eternal. Her daughters are 9, 11, and 13. She has two older children but they work in Baguio. They are so excited for their baptism!

We are also happy becuse our long time investigators Mark and Donna are getting married  and so we have given them a date. They just had their first baby, Jet, in January he is so stinking cute! I wish I could hold babies! Anyways I am so happy for them. They are active in coming to church and reading and praying. They know this is true and have been investigating since before I got here in Caba.

This week we started teaching a lady named Emie. She is the sister of a recent convert. probably in her late fifties and not married. She is so so so sweet. She is catholic. We shared a message about her Heavenly Father. She started crying when I told her that we love her and that she has a Heavenly father who loves her. I discerned that she hasn't really heard someone tell her they love her in a while. I felt the love of the Father for her. I know she is so special to Him. I love feeling that for the people here. I want to feel that for everyone.

Today we had a Zone activity which was a picture scavenger hunt. We had to run around Agoo preaching by the way and taking pictures of random things and of course be creative. My team was the most creative, I wouldn't say it was all because of me but I will say I have won many picture scavenger hunts at school. Haha. It was fun but sweaty.

I have a small ear infection this week but it is not holding me back and I have canker sores of course.
I love the gospel so much. I am so happy to be here!
Sister Stapp
Mark, Donna and Jet!
ps. The tobacco's as high as an elephants eye! Wherever there was rice a few months ago is now tobacco. It is everywhere and it is stinky!
ps. If you ever send another package, send razors like good ones. There are no good razors here!

What color was Mary's little lamb's fleece?
As White as snow! Duh. haha!

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