Monday, March 11, 2013

Chow King!


So chowking is my favorite fast food here in the Phils. We just got one in the city over. We haven't been able to eat there yet though :( too busy.

How are ya? I hope you are all happy and healthy. My ear infection is gone and I am feeling well. It is so hot over here! Ive started to shower at night because it is so sweaty. Especially when we have appointments in the mountains. Anyway this week was great!

We had a baptism! Sister Judith got baptized. She is not in my area. She is from Aringay. But I was a part of teaching her when we were working in Aringay and Caba. She is very smart and happy. She has a fiance that is a member and lives in Oregon. He was so so happy that she is part of the true church. I sang "I walk by faith" at the service. The problem was that I had no time to practice the song! I thought I knew the tune but I had forgotten between now and when I last sang it when I was a Beehive. hehe! So I sort of made up my own tune. I think she still felt the spirit.

So did I tell you about Charles? So Bro Charles is on of our new investigators. Well he is not really knew. This is his 3 time investigating the church! He is the son of Sister Rose L_____ who has been baptised for just over a year. I taught him when Sister Cabrera was my companion but he did not continue because he could not accept that there was a living prophet today. Anyway he came to church this Sunday and the lesson happened to be about prophets. He didn't talk or ask questions like I thought he would he just sat and listened. But later that night we visited him and he told us that he had had a confirmation that prophets lead the church today. The teacher in Sunday School had been talking about modern day revelation when he mentioned Pres. Hinckley and his councel for everyone to prepare a 72hr kit in case of emergency. Bro Charles said when he heard that he felt chills and he felt that Pres. Hinckly was inspired by God to give that councel. We asked him if he had any doubts about prophets still. He said no. His baptismal date is april 6. I hope I am still here to see him be baptized!

So everyone in Caba is suprised that I am still here. They don't want me to leave though! They all say "We will lose our singer!" they give me too much praise. It seems like I sing in sacrament every week. I love it though. I love to sing.

Also this week we held a workshop for our auxiliary leaders. We gave workshops about scripture study, prayer, administering vs. ministering, and the Holy Ghost. They really appreciated it. We are helping them convert themselves so they can improve the branch and their families.
ummmmmmm what else........ I am loving the work still. I am trying my best to be 100% obedient everyday. Sometimes I want to sleep in till 7am. but I know if I do that, I am wasting the Lord's time. This time is not mine and I will use it all to help the Lords work move foreword!

I love the book of Mormon and I love reading it everyday.

I just opened an email from my mission president and this is all he had to say:
"Be ready to train. We have 14 new sisters arriving in a month! We love you."

Pray for me! haha!
I love you all more than words can say!
Sister Stapp
We got new chairs!!!

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