Monday, February 18, 2013

Weeks are rushing by...

Hello again family and friends.

I cannot believe it is Monday again! The days and weeks are going by so so fast!
Happy Valentines day and all that jazz. I forgot to say that in my last email. I hope you all know that I love you so much and pray for you everyday. I am grateful every day for your example to me and for your love and support.

This week was great we have been increasing our new investigators and investigators with baptismal dates. By the end of this week we should have 7 investigators with baptismal dates! Very exciting. Three of those investigators are the children of Sister S____. Sister S_____ is a less active member who was offended years and years ago by a member and stopped coming to church. We visited her and she seemed hesitant but knew it was time to let go and go back to church. She told me she had a dream that her first child, who died at the age of 5, was standing next to Jesus and told her to go back to church. She said she is scared but wants to improve her family. She has great faith and this week she attended church with her 3 daughters! We are so happy and are focusing on her and her family.

We have been preaching by the way like crazy! We talk to everyone just like PMG tells us to. We meet people that are interested and some that are not so much interested. It is interesting to see how different people have been prepared by the Lord. Usually the people we talk to have friends who are members or family. The most common belief here is that all the churches are the same so we use the Book of Mormon to teach them why there is only one true church and how it is different from any other church on earth. We are very excited because Aringay branch is having a temple trip on Feb 28! It is only once a year that they have a temple trip and everyone is very happy. They are preparing and saving their monies.

Our leaders in Aringay branch are improving. They are now holding PEC without being reminded and ward council. There is progression here in the Phils and it is very exciting. The attendance in sacrament meeting is up also. The branch members are getting more involved in missionary work and are fellowshipping the new faces at church. I am so grateful for them. They are still learning how to be leaders but they are willing to learn and follow.

The transfer is comming up! Who knows what will happen! We will see.
I love you all so much!
Sister Stapp

Send me more pics and vids!

A Cow!

A Sunset!

A Happy Missionary!


How is the weather? Rainy, hot still?
It is hot! Getting hotter every day. haha! It is also rainy a little.
How is your companion doing?
She is doing great! She is so talented and powerful She is positive and funny.
I look up to sister dacuno and love her so much!

When are the next transfers?
Transfers are on march 1 and march 28. There is a short transfer because of the shift.
Any letters this week?
I got a dear elder from you and sister savannah! :)
How is your health? Any new foods this week?
Hmmmmmm I am healthy! No new foods :( I am just eating and eating and eating.

Mom my friend sister sheila said she sent a friend request of FB so check and approve!
Daddy I just want to know that I think of you whenever "Oh come with me to primary" comes up on my playlist:) I love you so much my daddy!

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