Monday, April 15, 2013

Flamly is Julia's Language for Family!

Hello Flamly!
I am here and I am so Hot! It is hot and sweaty here in our area. But that is ok we still work and work and work. The rain should be coming soon so they say. It rained a few times this week. One of the days I forgot my umbrella, luckily a member let me borrow her's so I didn't get soaked. Anyway I am getting to love this area. This week Sister Stokes and I were really trying to connect with the active members in our area. We went to their homes, taught them about the restoration, asked for referrals and scheduled FHEs. It is great to get to know them. They are such loving people and supportive to the missionary work also!

One member, Sister Ferrer gave us a referral. She referred her neighbor Sister Imelda. So the other day we went to contact Sister Imelda. Sister Ferrer came with us to fellowship and to help teach. Sister Imelda was very receptive and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She also agreed and was interested in more visits! Sister Ferrer bore a powerful testimony at the end that touched the heart of Sister Imelda. Sister Imelda was able to feel how important the gospel is for Sister Ferrer. After the lesson Sister Ferrer was so happy she kept saying "I felt the spirit so strong." I told her, "So did I!" Sister Ferrer said she is going to do all she can to help Sister Imelda progress and come to church. Sister Ferrer has definitely "caught the wave" of missionary work. It makes me so happy when members are involved. They are the key to this great work.

This week we were able to watch conference! We traveled to Lingayen by bus to watch at the stake center. On Saturday it was pretty much just the missionaries and a few members there. Which was sort of sad. I felt sad about all the great talks the members are missing. But there was a full house on Sunday morning! yay!

Conference was so great. Sister Stokes and I had been counting down the days like it's Christmas or something. haha! We loved all the talks. I noticed a theme of "Family" with a lot of the talks. Family is so so so important. We had a lesson with a less active member about family the last night. she works in Manila and is only home on the weekends. She has a 16 year old boy and a 2 year old boy. She hates being away from them but in order to make ends meet she needs to work. Her husband just got a job working in another country. Right now she shared with us that her husband and she are deciding whether to transfer their kids to Manila to be with mom or leave the little one with a cousin while the 16 year old stays home to finish school. We shared with her the importance of togetherness in the family especially while the kids are young. She is setting the main example to her children and they need to see it. I know she wants her family to be together and I know she felt the spirit. She knows what she needs to do as a mother and that is be there physically and spiritually for her children. I love families and I am so grateful for mine!

I am doing well here and still loving every minute. I cannot believe I am almost half way through. It is going by way too fast! Stop!!!! Coming up on my half way has made me reflect a lot on how far I have come and what I still need to work harder on. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord in His work, especially at this time where the work is moving foreword so quickly. I cannot express to you how much I love this gospel. I do love it so much. I know that this church is true.

I will apologize because I have no pics this week. I left my sd cards on my desk. I hope you will forgive me :)

Fun fact: I got pooped on by a bird yesterday while proselyting not fun. Also we travel mostly by walking. they have beef here but It is rare. I eat with my hands sometimes.
I love you all so so much! ask questions if you want!
Sister Stapp

thanks mommy for the email!!
I love to hear about life. I loved your conference notes:)
I also loved conference! Those men are inspired and called of god for sure.
Good to hear everyone is getting engaged :)
I got dearelders this week from Kelly Lee and Aunt Cindy. Tell those ladies I love them so much and thank you for the letters. I will write back soon!
I also got a letter from my dear friend Lizzy Gruber.
Can you tell her that I got it and that I love and miss her!
Kara. I Love you!!!
Savannah: I got your JB card! Love it!!!! I love you!!!
I feel like I need to handwrite all these people because I never have enough time on the comp. to send them a good note on here. anyways I love you mommy and daddy and alex and sammy!!

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