Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello There!

Hello there family and friends!!

I hope you all know that I love you and I hope you had a very happy Halloween!! People here don't celebrate Halloween like we do, they have picknics at the cemetary and party, but no dressing up. Oh well!

This week was very good, it went by so fast though! This week was transfers so our dear Sister Fernando got a new companion and is no longer working in Caba with Sister Cabrerea and I. We will miss her but happy that now Caba and Aringay will be getting the appropriate amount of attention.This week started off with a big power outage! We were out of power for 3 days! No water either.  Luckily we have a pump in the back of our house so we spent a lot of time pumping water for cooking and drinking and showering. We studied and planned by candlelight :) It was quite an adventure. I am really thankful the power is back though. I am grateful for all of our blessings we teach some families that have no electicity in their homes and they are happy! It is very humbling.
So I told you before about Jonathan who just recently got baptized. Well I just want to tell you that he is awesome. Ever since his baptism he works with us on our visits and gives us lots of refferals. He loves sharing the gospel and is so effective in lessons. I am just so happy that he loves that gospel and is so dedicated and devoted to missionary work already. Yesterday Jonathan came with us to a lesson. When he got into the tryke we told him we were going to visit someone in San Cornello. We had never been there before but he said it was malayo (far).  We didn't know how far until the trike stopped at a little dirt path. Someone there told us that San Cornello was just up the path...well that path was a 30 minute hike up a mountain! We walked 30 minutes in the wilderness in the heat up to a small village in the mountains!! It was beautiful but I think I was sweating more than I ever have. Well the hike was worth it because we taught a very good lesson about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families to a man named Rogelio. We extended a baptismal date and everything! and he said he would prepare for baptism! I pray that he will continue to be interested and maybe agree to meet us somewhere next time. haha!

I love all the new experiences I am having.This week I ate meet cooked in blood...more like blood tasted like dog food. And I ate red rice wHich is just like white rice just red! haha! I love all the food except for the blood. haha! I also had the sad but exciting experience of seeing how a pig is slaughtered. I think I will have nightmares for the rest of my life about that experience!

Anyway a lot has happened this week I just have not time to write it! I am keeping a good journal though so for anything I miss in these emails you all can read later in my journal :)

I know this is the Lord's work and that I am meant to be here! I am feeling more amd more comfortable with the languare and with the people! I love it! It is hard and exhausting, but worth it because I know this is what the Lord wants me to do. He has a plan for me each day and I pray that I might now my plan each day and follow promptings of the spirit. I love you all and I am sorry if this is a short email this week!

Love Sister Julia Stapp

Mom: Keep running! I know you can do it! I pray for you everyday and I fasted for you this Sunday. I love you! Also Tell my Aunties that I think about them and that I love them with all my heart. I will send them letters soon :) I recieved a letter from Kara this week and sent her two. I also recieved two dear elders from you :) I love you so so so much. I will be sending you a package sooon with some goodies ! Tell me more about Amanda and Philip! I love hearing about them. Also I think my atm will work but I just don't know how much personal money I have not just in my account but in general can you let me know. Also, sorry I cannot tell you everything in emails. I have no time but I am trying to keep a good journal!

Daddy! I love you always. Never forget that. Dont worry about me I am protected! Keep smiling!

Sammie! I got your dearelder note! Filipinos listen to all the stuff that we listen to plus Filipino music! Look up "Pusong Bato" On youtube :)

Alex!!!!!!! I love your guts! Follow Jesus' example and be a shining example to your friends! Send my love to everyone and the cousins. Keep smiling and playing music!

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