Monday, November 12, 2012

Fam and Friends!

Hello fam and friends!!! I love you all. I think I start every email like that haha. Anyway it's true.

Thank you for all your letters and support I feel the love and blessings coming from your prayers. The first week of the new transfer has been great! It has been a challenge but still good. Sister Cabrera and I have been working very hard on retaining our recent converts and teaching lots of new investigators. The week started off sort of rough. We were punted a lot. Punted is when we have no one to teach! We are very good about confirming appointments but sometimes the people we are supposed to teach forget and when we go there, they are already sleeping or they are gone. On Wednesday this week it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and we hadn't taught one lesson!!! It is very hard to be punted. When we are just walking trying to find someone to teach, the time goes by slow. But we have been blessed this week because by the end of the week we were able to meet our goals and ended up teaching a total of 27 lessons! It is amazing how the Lord blesses us after a trial of our faith. As long as we don't give up and we are always striving to fulfill our purpose as missionaries, we will be blessed.

We have been blessed to have 2 new investigators attend Sacrament this week, Sister Janet and Brother Juanito. They are cousins of Brother Jonathan who just got baptized. They are both very interested and Brother Juanito is 18! That means he is still missionary material. We are encouraged by the mission president to teach missionary age yourng men. We hope and pray that Juanito will continue to search for the truth and be baptized on Dec.8.

Another family we are teaching is the Banayos Family. I am not sure if I told you about them but they are recent converts. Brother and Sister Banayos have 4 little girls and one boy. They are a great family. The other night we went to teach them and we caught them in the act of Family home evening!!! We were so happy to see that they were holding FHE on their own. They are striving to keep the commandments and preparing to be sealed as a family in the temple in January.

Sister Nova is progressing well. Remember her? If not I am pretty sure I mentioned her in a past email. She has a lot of questions and is really really searching for truth. She reads and prays to know the truth. She just heard about baptizm for the dead on sunday and wants to know more about that! She has so many questions that it is sometimes hard to keep the lessons focused but we try to follow the spirit and help her to take her questions to the Lord.

So this week I did not eat anything strange unfourtunately haha! But I did start eating my food from back home! I made pasta with alfredo sauce and Idaho mashed potatoes! Delicious! I cooked the potatoes on an open fire because we ran out of gas in our stove haha!

Anyway I wish I had more time on here to tell you more but I will just tell you that I am determined to keep a journal every day that I am here.

The language is getting better!! I am getting more comfortable and I am able to converse with the people we teach and members. I find now that I can communicate better my love for the people is growing. I really love the people here and am striving to help them keep their commitments to the Lord. I am learning to be patiend with myself and not be hard on myself when I cannot say something perfectly. I am feeling the Lord's love more fully as I rely on him and on the Gift of Tounues.
I know this work is the Lord's work and I know it is true! I know the Book of Mormon is a true book and all the events in it really did happen noon! I love my Savior and I know he lives and loves me and all of you so so much! Sorry again if this is so short!

Pic explanations!
1. We cooked lumpia for lunch the other day! Soooooo good. Basically like a spring roll.

2. The arch to our Barangay! Santiago Norte. This is where I live!

Mom: You have many questions I hope I can answer them all but if not, next time na lang.
I recieved a dearelder that you wrote on 9/ my dearelders are coming to me our of order. Oh well. Keep writing them I love them! I might not respond to each one but I read them and cherish them! I also recieved a letter from the Nelson family! I love them. Can you give me their new address. Also is Kates address the same? I want to send her a letter but not sure if she has been getting them. Tell her I love her to pieces! and I pray for her!

I am trying to be tidy. My comp is very sweet we get along very well and we laugh and have fun. We are united and teach with power :) She usually cooks lunch she is very talented at cooking.

Elders: we have three sets of elders in our district. i don't really know them because we are in a new district now. But I can tell you about the DL he is from England.....from Briton!!! "I want to go to Briton!" yess! He has a lovely accent. haha. but it is so hard to understand his Tagalog! His name is Elder Spiers.

Oh and meals we usually eat at a members house at least once a week usually on Monday. But people give us snacks all the time.. They are very generous here. I love the people!
Well that is all sorry for the lack of pics! No time this week!!! Oh and I am sending you a Christmas package but it will prolly get there after Christmas. sorry! I love you still though!!!!! Keep your chin up and run your little heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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