Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sister Stapp Finds Herself and Loves the Filipinos!

Hello my dearest family! I love you all very much still even though I am not as homesick. Haha!
I love you emails and pictures so so much. Those Blair costumes are amazing! As usual.
I am happy to hear about Chloe. Tell her I say congrats and I love her even though I have never met her :)

This week has been exciting!We had 2 baptisms on Saturday!! Brother Jonathan and Brother Jomar. They were both very excited and so were we! Jonathan has been investigating the church for over a year! He has worked really hard and changed a lot to be worthy for baptism. During the baptism and confirmation I felt overwhelming joy that I had helped bring these souls unto Christ. I felt that I was doing what the Lord has sent me here to do! I love that feeling that the spirit was able to put into my heart. At the baptism sister Fernando and I sang I know that my redeemer lives. It was very spiritual. I love sharing my testimony of my Savior through music!

Also this week something very eventful happened.....I ate bbq-ed chicken intestines!!! Yes they were on a skewer all squiggly and pink and I ate them. Suprisingly they were not bad at all! I just tried not to think of it as I chewed. They were only a little rubbery but they just tasted like meat. Unfourtunately I did not get a pic. I will next time :)

I feel good this week. I am adjusting very well and finding myself again. Ever since I started singing I feel like I am myself again. Some other things I have done are paint my nails and cook! I am glad I am able to be myself and a missionary at the same time. My nails are getting really long. I shake so many hands in a day that I don't really want to put my finget in my mouth anymore! yay!!!! A mission was the cure all along!!

So I will tell you about someone we are teaching! The B____* family. They are recent converts of just over a year ago. They are consistent in coming to church but this week we found out that Brother B had been drinking and gambling. So we visited him. He was very sorry for what he had done and said he had lost hope. He did not feel he could be forgiven. We taught him about repentance and the blessing of the atonement. He felt the spirit so strongly and commited to meet with Pres. Flores on Sunday. He had a new sence of hope after that lesson and he was happy :) Yesterday in Sunday school the lesson was about eternal marriage. Bro and Sis B have a strong desire to be sealed to their children and to each other so yesterday they met with Pres. Flores to start their prep for the temple! We helped them set a goal to be sealed in January. I am so so so happy for them and their desire to be sealed. They are happier as a family now that they are choosing the right and becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ. I love the blessings of the temple and I know that they are real and true!
Anyway I am sorry I don't have much time to write today but I love you so much and I know this church is true!

Alex: I want to go to Hong Kong too!!!!! I was only there for an hour. I love you Alex and I hope you are having a good time. Remember the Lord loves you. and remember to read your BoM and PMG!!!!!!!!

Mom:I sent all the grandparents letters last week. so they should be getting those. Tell them that I love them!!!

Also I have not gotten any mail this week. Probably this week since it is transfers. Mommy all my cloths are getting ruined from being washed. and I am growing our of them. It is very depressing. I don't want to shop for more because I hate spending money and I hate shopping. haha!!! oh well. I love you mom.

Tell rach and ben I say hey and kiss that baby for me!!!!!

Love love love, Sister Stapp
*I am keeping the name private ~Caryn

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