Monday, October 15, 2012

Hi Family!!!

Hello Family!!!!!
Thank you for all your beautiful emails and pictures! Keep them up. I love hearing about your adventures and your lives. Thank you for the words of encouragement! I am feeling better and better each day! My tears lately are not because I want to go home but because I am so so happy that I have a family that is choosing the right. It makes me so overjoyed to hear that you are singing to Abbott and that the boys and all of you are sharing the gospel and studying the gospel!
I know this church is true!!!! This week has been a very eventful one. This Tuesday my dear Sister Schuhmann went home. She was a batch-mate of mine and we served in the same ward. We were very good friends but she chose to leave. Now I have a new companion!! Sister Fernando! She is so sweet and a great addition to me and Sister Cabrera. Now I have two trainers!~ I will be a super missionary. haha.
 It has been very difficult though. We are having to split our work between Caba and Aringay(where Sis Schuhmann and Sis Fernando were) so for these next three weeks we will be going back and forth between areas.  It is exciting but we were all very very sad to see Sis Schuhmann leave :( Sister Fernando is 23 and has been here for 5 months I think. She is native from a city 4 hours away. She is a very good and kind missionary I am already learning so much from her).
Another thing that happened this week is conference!! We go to watch this weekend, a week after you watched. It was so so so refreshing to hear the words of the prophet and apostles. I felt the spirit so strongly and we had 7 investigators come to the Sunday morning session!! They all loved it and said they could feel the spirit. We watched conference in Bauang which is about 30 min bus ride away. We caught the bus in Caba and along the way watched as each of our investagators boarded. The excitment and joy I felt when I saw each of them join us on the bus was so full!! It was like they were all boarding the bus to Heaven! I loved that feeling.
Conference was amazing right??? It has motivated me even more to work hard every day to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I know he lives and is coming soon! I can feel his love and help each day.
My companions and I have not had much time for exploring on pday yet. But we get up in the mornings and walk to the beach or to the rice fields to behold the beauty of Gods creations. I hope you can come here, it is beautiful. It is also very very humbling to be here. We are teaching a man named Willie who has had 3 strokes and cannot talk. He is so sweet and writes down what he wants to say. His children have all abandoned him and he lives in the shed in the backyard of his sister. He has no money to get to church and can hardly walk. He said the other day that he does not believe that God loves him. We are doing all we can to help him recognize the blessings in his ife. The people here live very hard lives, But they are humble and kind. I am honored to teach them.
Answers: For breakfast I eat cereal usually of toast. Sometimes rice :)
Ben thank you for your letter!! I love them because they are funny :) My tagalog is coming along...but most people here speak Illocano. haha!
Rachel I love you :) I got your letter!! I loved it so so much. Don't worry about not sending alot I know it costs money :)
Daddy! Thank you for your encouraging words. I am also amazed at the fact that these people have lived here all this time. haha! I am slowly adjusting and loving it. I sometimes get thoughts like Why am I here!? but then I am comforted by the holy Ghost :)
Mommy! I love you so very much. I wish you would go to the doctor so that I don't have to worry. I love you. . Thankyou for everythingyou do for me. I get 7,000 something pesos a month it is enough and yes it rolls over if I don't spend. I still havent found out how to use my money from home to buy non mission related things. But I will. And yes we walk a lot. We are close to the mountains so often to get the a home we have to hike. haha. Thank you for your conference notes. I have not read them but I will print them and read them today!

Alex!!!!!!!! HAPPY BITHDAY!!!!! I love you. I sent you a special picture :)
Sammy I love you too!! keep swimming!  Boys share the gospel with your friends everyday!
If you ever were to send me a bigger package,
I would like some more wonder tees. small or medium please :)

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