Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Read the Book of Mormon Araw Araw!

Kumusta pamilya!!
I love you all a whole lot! Sorry if this letter is short. Here at the MTC the same things happen every day so it is hard to think of exciting things to write about. haha!
But I am sure that when I am in the field it will be different. Speaking of the field I will be there in like 2 weeks1!!!!! I can´t believe it is so close! We should be getting our flight plans in a couple of days and then it is off to the Philippines!! Since we are getting so close, our teacher sister Lewis has been showing us pictures of her mission. It looks so amazing I cannot wait to get out there. Sister Lewis also shared a little fun fact about the Philippines with us last night. That is that in the Philippines, they start celebrating Christmas in September! Yup from sept- end of december is christmas. So Maligaya Pasco....or Pasacal...or something. I forget how to say it haha! Anyway we have been singing Christmas songs ever since she told us that. Sorry for any typos my keyboard is set to spanish and I don´t know how to change it back.
Anyways....So this week has been really good. We got three new districts on Wednesday. It is really fun to have new people and it is so fun to remember what it was like for us when we first got here.
It is amazing to see how much we have progressed in just 7 weeks. We are now speaking Tagalog almost 100 percent of the time and understanding what our teachers say to us. I am ready to go!!! Oh! Also for this past week and these last two weeks I am senior companion. We switch every three weeks and now it is my turn. Nothing much is different except that I kind of lead our companionship studies and stuff. I like to joke that I have so much power and stuff but I really don´t lol.
But at the same time I am sad to leave! I will miss my Kasamas so much. Sister Palmer and sister Evans are my best friends here and they are just so great. We get along like real sisters and we have so much fun laughing and working together. I will also miss my district!! The elders are so highlarious and nice to us! I am so blessed to have been able to work with the elders in my district. They are so funny yet so focused on our purpose. I am not judging the other Elders in our zone but I think our Elders are just top notch. They are always wanting to SYL and always asking if any of us need blessings. And they are always thinking of awesome new goals for our district that would help us all improve together. I love my district. Even our branch president loves us. He calles us the Happy District! I love that because it is true, we are all so happy. We have made a goal from the beginning to stay positive and we all keep it really well. Because we can´´t be negative when we are together. Another thing we do that I love is sing! Everyone in my district loves to sing like I do and at night before we all go to our residences, we sing hymns in Tagalog. I love love love it! Before we leave we get to sing in sacrament meeting as a district and we are singing a medly of ´´A poor wayfaring man of greif´´ and ´´I believe in Christ. I can´t wait.
Hmmmmmm.....lets see what else oh! Testimony meeting was great yesterday! I bore my testimony (in Tagalog of course) and so did the rest of my district! (another thing that makes them so awesome)! It was so amazing to be able to stand up there and speak from my heart to all my fellow missionaries in another language. I know i have written this to you before but I will again here is my testimony sa tagalog.
Alam ko po na totoo po ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga Huling Araw. Alam ko po na tagapagligtas po si Jesucristo at sa pamamagitan and pagbabayadsala Niya, puwede nagiging malinis po tayo. Alam ko na propeta si Thomas S. Monson at tinatangap po Niya ang paghahayag mula sa Diyos. ummmmmm wala horas ngayon pero oklang. Sa pangalan Ni JesuCristo Amen!!
Sorry so short but I am short on time!
Mom don´t send me a camera it would be better if I just bought one. That way you don´t have to pay for a camera and a package. I am going out of the mtc....yes I said it OUT of the MTC with an escort and Sis Palmer today to get a camera. I hope there is money in my account still because that is what I am hoping to use. Anyway....I hope I am doing the right thing but I guess I can´t really get your opponion on it right now. If you want to send me something else you can! haha. jokelang.
I love you and I miss you if you want to know anything else ask me questions I really want to tell you what you want to hear but I am terrible of thinking of details. Love you. Read your book of mormon Araw araw!!!!! Every day!
Mahal na mahal ko kayo!!
Sister Stapp


  1. Tagalog sounds like a fun language! I wonder if it is really easy once you immerse yourself in it or if you are just extra blessed to learn it fast at the MTC. Prob some of both?

  2. Thanks for reading Stacie. She is extra blessed!!