Sunday, September 30, 2012

Being Followed

Hello hello!!
How is everything???? This week has been good I am having a good time and learning a lot. I miss you all a ton. I wish you could be here and experience the things I am experiencing. This week started off with district meeting. That is every Tuesday when we travel to Agoo to meet with our district. We have interviews with our district leader and have a little workshop. It was good but I forget what it is about because I still cannot understand a lot of what they are saying!!! But I am getting better. After the meeting My companion and I went to the Ukay-Ukay. It is like a giant outdoor market for used clothes. I needed some shirts because I have gained like 9 pounds in the mtc. I got 2 shirts and a cute polka-dotted skirt for like 50 pesos each which is like 1.50 on American dollars. That is a steal! anyway that was fun. While we were there I got followed by little children. That happens to me everywhere. The kids love to talk to me in English and tell me I am beautiful. It is fun but distracting sometimes. I love the kids they are soo so adorable. Everywhere I go people stare at me. It is so funny but strange. I am getting used to it though

So lets see as for investigators we have three investigators with a baptismal date. Our most recent one is named sister Nova and I got to extend the invitation. I was really nervous that she would say no but she didn't!! I was so happy. She is searching for truth and has a lot of questions. Lessons with her are sometimes hard because of all her questions but we try to answer them and not stay too long. She is so sweet and I hope she sticks with us.

Our other IBDs (investigators with a baptismal date) are Jonathan Pacle and Jomar. I don't know Jomar becaue he has been our of town but we teach Jonathan about 2 a week. He is progressing well but still has WOW problems. He knows it is wrong but it is hard for him to resist temptation. I pray for him that he will have strength and know the church is true.

Last night we visited a member's house Sister Lael. She has two sons and we just dropped by for a surprise visit. She of course offered food to us and we accepted of course! She is a wonderful cook She had pork lumpia, pancit with squid balls and dried fish....and rice of course. It was all soooo soo delicious. I love dried fish! It is so crunchy and fishy! my two favorite things. I cannot wait to cook Filipino food for you all when I get back!. Sister Lael is so sweet when she talks to me she talks really slow so I will be able to understand. haha! She is a returned missionary and very active in the church.

Sending pictures...
First of all we have pics of my apartment. it is really nice but we have no hot water and no shower and no toilet that flushes. Also we have a really bad ant problem!!!

Well there you go family I love you all and I am happy. I miss you but I will see you soon. Read your scriptures everyday!!!! I am not kidding! The book is true and so amazing! I love it!
Email me!!! I love the pics and I love the stories of your life. Keep sending pics and eat lots of smoked meat for me. Tell the Anderson's and everyone else that I love them!!!!!!!!!! Tell all those boys and Sofia not to grow up too much!* 
<3 Sister Stapp

 *I sent Julia some photos of the kids and men smoking the brisket at the Anderson's ~Caryn

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