Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One more Week in Utah!

Kumusta po ang pamilya ko!!!
I love you all soooo soo much! I got your letters and your package. Thank you! I love all the snacks and fun things in there my kasamas are really excited too. haha!

Ahhh!!! Thanks for the pics of my baby boy!! I miss abbo so much! Where did all his hair go? lol. Kiss him a lot for me ok?

I love hearing from you! Mom I am so happy you are walking so much! Tell Hattie I say Hello:) How is Cole doing?

I am so happy that Alex and Sam are doing so well! I love you guys!! Write me letters I want to hear from you!

So this Thursday we all got our flight plans! It was so exciting. We got them after dinner and it was almost impossible for us all to focus on language study after that. So this is the schedule pretty much...We leave the MTC around 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon Monday the 17th of sept. Our flight leaves SLC at 8:22 I believe. We arrive at LAX arround 9:30 pm I think and then our flight for Hong Kong leaves at 1:30 am. We arrive at Hongkong the next day some time grrr I forgot to bring my travel plans with me otherwise I would be looking at them and would be able to tell you exact times....anyway from hongkong we have about an hour until our flight leaves for Manila. Once we arrive to manila there is a three hour bus ride to Baguio. AHHHH! Sobrang excited po ako!!!!!! I cannot wait!

So some other things that have happened this week are:

1. Hosting! We got to host for the new sisters coming in this week. Hosting is when we meet the sister as sh arrives at the MTC and we take her to her residence, show her arround a little and then take her to her class room. It is so fun! I hosted this little sister named Sister Demill She was soooo adorable but soo nervouse! She actually started crying as I was taking her to her room :( But I gave her a big hug and told her that I loved her and that the Lord loves her and then she was happy:) I am verry happy because we get to Host again tomorrow!

2. TRC so I don't know if I ever told you about TRC before but it happens once a week and it is when we practice teaching returned missionaries in Tagalog or just members who know Tagalog. Anyway TRC is always really fun and rewarding spiritually. This week week we taught a sweet girl named stephanie who is from manila. We we were teaching her about recieving revelation through prayer and at the beggining of the lesson we asked her how prayer has helped her in her life. Whe began sharing her experience and of course it was a little hard to understand because her tagalog was soooo good. But I could feel the spirit so strongly as she spoke then she started crying and I could tell that whatever she was saying meant a lot to her. We continued the lesson and she cried all the way through. We talked about how to make our prayers meaning ful and how we can recieve guidence and comfort through prayer. At the end of the lesson we sang the hymn "Lead Kindly light" As we sang the spirit was so strong in that room and was testifying to all of us the power and truthfulness of sincere prayer. It was amazing! That is the strongest I have felt the spirit in tagalog so far. I am so happy we got to teach stephanie. I feel like it was meant to be and I think we all needed that lesson.

3. So as you might know one of our investigators here at the MTC is named Mary Kate. She is so sweet. She is 17 and is getting baptized on the 17th. Anyway we always have really good lessons with her. Last night before our lesson started, we asked her if she had any questions about anything and she asked "What is going to happen at my baptism" Well all three of us wer really excited becuase she is really shy and hardly ever asks questions. The only problem was we had no idea how to explain the act of being baptized in tagalog. so we start doing sign language and hand mostions and saying "tubig" over and over which means water. I wanted to say like a pool of water or font but I didnt know the word! so my kasama Sister Palmer says "May cuarto ng tubig!" and sister mary kate starts cracking up. in english she said "A room of water" It was so funny and you Probably had to be ther3. But finally our smart kasama Sis Evans showed her the pic on the cover of preach my gospel and we were able to her what would be happening.

I am hoping to send you another short email later today when I do laundary with some pictures attatched because we can do that now! Ya they decided to let us do that my las week of being here. haha! Anyways....umm I did buy a camera at target.

I love you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really do. Ah sorroy that I didn't put a lot of Tagalog in here. I really am speaking it a lot and I think I will be able to get by in the Phillies!

Mahal na Mahal ko Kayo! Talaga! Sister Stapp

P.s. Watch the video for "Arise" and "have I done any good in the World Today" my kasamas and I watc them every day several times! so upliftine!!!

P.S. here is a phrase that you can say "Maano sa aking kung panalo ka!" that means "So what! I don't care if you won!" I know very useful right;) Love you!!!!!

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