Friday, August 10, 2012

Week Three, Funny How Time Doesn't Fly

Sooo this week has been great! Doing what we always do which is pretty much studying, planning and eating. sorry if these emails get repetatiive. haha.
We are now teaching two progressing investigators which keeps us pretty busy. Each lesson gets better and better as we start to learn more about Tagalog sentence structure. I am still struggling to get the grammar down but everyone says "It will come" and I just keep praying that it will so we will see!! I learned something really valuable this week during a workshop we had where we had a partner that was not our companion. With that partner we took turns teaching about the message of the restoration. My partner was this little sister from a little island next to Fiji. She was so sweet and could hardly speak English. As she started sharing the message with me, I noticed her points were really scattered and she could hardly think of the English words to say to me. But I also noticed something else. She was speaking from the depths of her heart. Even though her English was broken, I could tell she had a testimony of Joseph Smith. I felt the spirit so strongly during her lesson. It reminded me of what this is all about. It's not about a language it is about the spirit. If I can learn to utter a few words in Tagalog and speak from my heart, that is all I need:)
This Sunday was fast Sunday (I'm sure you knew that) it was amazing because it was all in Tagalog! and I understood most of it!! I didn't bare my testimony because I thought I would let the district who was leaving bare theirs. But it was just so amazing to sit back and listen. They all speak so well and I could understand!
 Anyway so these past few days have been kinda sad because one of our districts left yesterday. They were so awesome and nice It will be quiet on our floor with them gone. On the bright side, now that they are gone we ransacked their classroom and all got new and improved desks!! And when the next district leaves, we get their rolley chairs! yup that's the way things work on the Filippino floor. haha. So we won't get new districts until we are three weeks from leaving which is sorta weird. Oh and to answer your question mom My mga kasama (companions) are going to Baguio (sis palmer) and Naga (sis evans)
Half our district is going to baguio and the other half is Naga.
So funny story about Sister Palmer, she speaks perfect Tagalog in her sleep! Seriously! It always takes me a while longer to get to sleep and I always hear her practicing her phrases it is the funniest thing ever.
Another little fun fact. I overheard an elder saying this here at the MTC "I figured out the best way to travel around the MTC. Just follow Sisters around, the crouds of elders part and you can follow in their wake" the sisters and I thought this was the funniest thing so we decided to put it to the test and it't true!! There are always huge groups of elders just standing around and as soon as we walk in their direction they part like the red sea. Best part of being a sister at the MTC.
Another fun thing. Our elders say the funniest things in their lessons. Last night they were teaching our investigator named Efron. Efron asked if elder Sorensen had a wife and he said "Hindi po ado asawa" Which he thought meant "I don't have a wife" it actually means "I am not a wife" haha! I laughed at that. Things like that happen so much our elders have also told our investigator that they were his children and that a pig would pick him up for church. lol. Anyway just some things that I hope make you laugh.
I hope you all have a great camping trip!! I will bear my testimony to you in tagalog:)
 Alam ko po na totoo Ang simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling araw.
Alam ko po na totoo Ang Aklat ni Mormon . Alam Ko po na buhay ni Jesucristo. At Alam ko po na Magmahal ng Ama sa Langit :)
 It's short and sweet but there it is!!
Let me know how the camping trip turns out!!
I think I will try to put more tagalog in my letters. But I am out of time now :((
Mahal Kita pamilya Ko!! Mahal Kita Alex! Mahal Kita Samuel! Mahal Kita Mommy! Mahal Kita Daddy!! Mahal Kita Rachel abbott and Bennn!!
Sister Stapp

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