Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kumusta Everyone

What a great week it has been! Thank you for all your letters, they make me smile a lot:) This past week has been amazing. Pretty much every day in the MTC is amazing, but this week was especially great because I am beginning to get the language pretty well. We have started working on grammar in class and it helps so much. Now I can make my own sentences!! Of course it takes me like 5 minutes to make one...but still!!! tagalog grammar is so confusing. whoever made this language was not in their right mind. But it is fun to learn ;) we are still teaching out investagator Mary Kate and last lesson we invited her to be baptized and she said she would!! that made us super excited!! We start teaching a new investagator tomorrow.
So i might have told you this but pretty much every day in the MTC is the same. we wake up, we plan, we eat, we study, go to class, study, eat, class, study, dinner, study gym, then bed. every day so sorry if my letters get to be redundant. haha!!! In class, this week aside from grammar we learned about how to begin teaching a lesson. We learned all the questions we should ask at the beginning of a lesson so we can get to know our investigator and all that jazz. We practice teaching a lot but the problem is, we practice in english!! then when it's time to teach I can't actually say what I want to say becasue I still cant speak tagalog very well. I will get it soon enough thou. I'm keeping my head up high.

So my zone has 4 districts in it with like 4-5 companionships each and they are all going to the Philippines. I love my zone they are all so fun and helpful. Our whole floor is going to the Philippines and it's like a big family;) for gym we all go to the field and play volleyball. I'm not very good at it but I still have fun. for meals we all sit together as a zone it's really nice. the food is alright most of the time. My favorite meal would have to be buiscuts and gravy. I eat well everyday but i feel like I should eat healthier.

So I still love my district! each day the elders get less and less scared of the sisters. haha!! we are the closest with elder Ha'o and elder sorensen. Funny Story time. So the name of the church in tagalog is Ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal na Huling Araw, and the word for "forbidden" is "bawal. so elder sorensen was teaching an investagator and was bearing his testimony of the church. he accidentally said And Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga BAWAL! haha!!! he said the church was forbidden!! the investigator couldn't even keep from laughing lol. When he told us that we all laughed for like ten minutes.

I am very well and still sdjusting to the schedule. i love waking up early and starting the day but since everyday is the same, they all sort of blend together. I feel like each time we eat a meal is the beginning of a new day. so sometimes I don't even know if I'm eating breakfast or dinner. lol. ummmm let's see. I only have 2 mins left...I need to learn to type faster. haha!!

Oh ya!! it was good to hear that Coles talk went well :) tell him I say "HellO!" Ah and I'm so excited for melanie!! I need her adress so I can send her a letter!!

I'm sorry about the choir. that is very unfourtunate.

Mahal Kita pamilya ko!

sister stapp

 p.s. sorry for all the missed capitalizations. the shift key is ssketchy.

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