Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kumusta Pamilya!!

I am here at the MTC which you probably already know...well of course you do:) I got all your letters and packages! they made me soooo happy! I will be writing everyone back today because it's my P-day...woo hoo! Anyway I absolutley love it here. It is the most amazing place I have ever been. I'm so happy I get to stay here for two months. My mga kasama (companions) are amazing. Sister Evans from New Zealand and Sister Palmer from Park city. We are like sisters already and I love them to pieces. My district is really awesome. We have 3 sets of elders, Elders Ha'o and Sorensen, Elders Perkins and Adams, and Elders Finley and Brown. They are all super nice and really funny. They first few days it seemed like they were scared of us sisters. But they are getting better at talking to us.Haha!! We all laugh a lot and have a good time. Elder Adams is out district leader and he is awesome.  He asks every night around 9:20 when class is over if any of us need a blessing. It feels like we are a family already I love it! I am so happy with my district and that I get to spend 2 months with these people!

All the Elders and Sisters in my zone are awesome as well. The ones that have been here longer than we have are always willing to help us if we need to know how to say something. They have all made us feel welcome and I feel at home how whenever I am on our floor.
Ummm Lets see... Oh! My companions and I have taught 3 Lessons in Tagalog so far! Amazing how much we can say in just 6 days!!The gift of toungues is real and I have been blessed by it so much already!  We can hardly understand what our investigator is saying back to us but we can still feel the spirit so strong when we testify to her that we know The Book of Mormon is true. That is the most important part, that we teach by the spirit and let the Holy Ghost testify through us. We can make all the mistakes in the world and not understand a word she says, but as long as we are sincere and the spirit is there that is all that matters. I have been able to feel the spirit so strongly since I have been here especially when we sing. Before firesides and devotionals all the missionaries sing like 4 hymns in a row. It is the most amazing sound hearing all those Elders and Sisters bare testimony through song. It's so beautiful that I can hardly keep from crying most of the time! I love the spirit that is here It is like none I have ever felt before.
These past few days in the MTC have been such a whirlwind and it started out to be a bit overwhelming. The very first day I was taken to my classroom by a host missionary and I was the first one there. I was the only one in my classroom for about 15 minutes while my teacher Brother Ah Mu rattled off phrases in tagalog for me to repeat. It was way intimidating! The next couple of days after that they just pounded the language into us and it was very tiring but exciting! I feel like I am getting the language slowly but surely:)
Ummmm I have three minutes left!! Lets see I am eating salad with every meal....But also like three cookies with every meal so I think those cancel each other out. 
Sorry if there are any typos in this email I was typing really fast! I love you all and tell all those who wrote letters aka Kara and Kate that I am writing back today!
Mahal Kita!!
Sister Stapp

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